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  1. Joe cool

    Are water softeners worth the hassle ?

    Once again saw a water softener I think I need but Never had onef or 29 years .
  2. Joe cool

    Van's front tire wear on inside. Is it common ?

    For many years my truckmount was mounted in the rear on the back axle and I never had any front tire wear on the inside. As of all my 28 years I cant remember ever having any inter front tire wear. Going on 3 years now with a EVEREST behind the front seat my front tire wore kinda bad inside but...
  3. Joe cool

    Which quick disconnects name brand have been the longest lasting ?

    Seems stainless 2 piece don't connect when hot . Brass for me Foster has been the best . It don't make a difference if they are stainless tipped. Which has been the best for you ?
  4. Joe cool

    Truck Mounts with clutches / leave on to avoid it going out ?

    Would you think it's best just to leave the clutch on full time even on start ups to avoid having it go out ? I'm sure the wear and tear turning it on and off while running does take a toll of them and will eventually cause it to not work . WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THIS QUESTION ?
  5. Joe cool

    pea stain on Linoleum

    I have a regular kitchen with older golden patterns on it with a lot of light colored pea stains . Not promising much but anything other than a lite solution of simple green is all I might use . Any ideas on something simple here ?
  6. Joe cool

    After April shower's are over its always the busy

    April on its always a great time for carpet cleaning service . I suppose not this year or it might .
  7. Joe cool

    tossed out my snap cuffs / back to good old regular cuffs that dont leak water or lose vacuum .

    Not only do snap cuff leak water but can break tile if dropped . Really not worth the leaks for the convenience of the snaps , guess I will fight them apart for assurance of leak proof cleaning .
  8. Joe cool

    Would you use a CNG van ?

    Asking for a friend .
  9. Joe cool

    Prochem Dry Slurry get a new look ?

    Popped open a new bucket of slurry and it looks so different . It's a lighter color. 1 It dont feel as heavy. 2 It smells like lavender. 3 I have been using this stuff for 24 years straight , I know what I'm using and even compared it to the last of my last jug and sure as heck...
  10. Joe cool

    Quick Disconnect always seems to leak on the TM

    Boy I sure blow through these quick . Nothing worse then have it start dripping off the TM connection . The water box gets emptied. The Parkers go the fastest . The Foster brand seemed to last longer . I switched a older one no name but stainless and will see if it lasts, it was years old...
  11. Joe cool

    today 92 yr old man / client tells me he owns 168 major donut stores .

    Founder of the largest donut shop with 168 stores was a pleasure to service . I could only imagine his worth . He is 92 and in super good health . Yummy yum yum .
  12. Joe cool

    water only , wool silk area rugs

    Fine Italian furniture, and rug cleaning
  13. Joe cool

    account has a 12 passenger GMC van for sale 36k miles / year what it worth ? 2000

    Decently clean 36k miles , darn low .5.0 -305 motor year 2000 . Does it have any value, it has windows and clean seats , new trans force tires .
  14. Joe cool

    Who's into penny stocks ?

    Been into this for 4 mos. Did great off one $300 stock made 3k which I should have made 4200 dollars but I did not have a zero inputted on my sale . Still made money pushing a button . Bought 4 million shares at .0003 when in 52 weeks it was at .69 cents . Who plays this game ? Dam fun I can...
  15. Joe cool

    Interlink snap hose cuffs dripping / leaking dirty water

    Its been a while but the cuffs drop dirty water on every job which 97 % of the time is outside . I did put a O ring in there and I believe it helped to a degree but I'm thinking of going back to the standard cuffs and hot melt them back on . Anyone have opinions on how to get the snap cuffs...
  16. Joe cool

    What tires are you satisfied with on your rig ?

    I might be needing 2 new tires after summer I run Bri Bridgestone V rib steal 265 and they have been the best of the best . looking at more Bridgestones . what over the years has been your best lasting tires ?
  17. Joe cool

    Dri Eaz Air Path Studebaker fan review

    Let's hear if this monster Air Path fan is worth the money and effort carrying it in and out of homes . I do have 5 dri pods that I use but 90 % of the time but I only carry 3 of them on board. So for those guys who use the Studebaker fan let's hear your feed back on the overall performance...
  18. Joe cool

    This one may go to court and I'm not getting involved.

    So I get called out to a house from a long time property manager who wants a estaminte if it can be cleaned . I was told its 2 yr old carpet and they moved because the carpet is moldy . the carpet was pissted on with bleach and ink stains as well as the dreaded orange stains about. This was...
  19. Joe cool

    Citrus pure H20 or USOR/ UNCHAINED

    just wondering what's better and more economical to use for pet strains ?
  20. Joe cool

    Hi Rise downtown VLM pricing .

    I dont do alot of hi rise cleaning but a few a year . In most cases VLM does just fine . I'M wondering what most guys charge for a 2 room deal for the hassle oof going up the elevator with a bunch of equipment ? Whats your minimum price ?
  21. Joe cool

    I got a new cat in a pre order Tesla

    So my client said that he pre ordered of a baby Tesla ,he was going to get it in 3 weeks so he calls me now so he got a new cat can't stand the smell doesn't care if it's raining today wants the carpet done I so how do you like the new Tesla he says oh I didn't get it I got the Model to $135000...
  22. Joe cool

    What caused this oil leak ? pics

    This is a new unit with just under 200 hours. .
  23. Joe cool

    500 sq ft of porcelain plank cleaning price

    Cleaned some planking and it looked brand new . Charged $325 and was told thats outrageous . Then they wrote the check for only $300 . I even moved furniture out and back . What do you guys think .
  24. Joe cool

    best sealer for porceilen tile

    What can I seal this inconsistent sized grout . I really need to mop on the sealer because some tiles have the smallest grout lines and some have wider lines . I have a H Depot waterbased cheap gallon. 500 as ft of 5 by 17 planks makes for alot to seal if doing grout alone . so mop on would be...
  25. Joe cool

    LVT wants a clean and SEALER - WHICH SEALER ?

    Two jobs coming up both are 3 mos. old . Both are hating the stuff . One has deep grain finish and said it gets so dirty fast . The other is a hair salon and says its hard to sweep the hair off and the hair dye is getting on it . So im sure neutral cleaner should be enough with high heat . But...