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    New Portable

    I’m looking for some advice please. I’m buying a new portable only I can’t figure out which one is best. I’m thinking Vortex Lite, Jaguar 8.4 or Airflex storm? Any feedback appreciated. Thanks. Frank
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    Glides for wand and fittings

    Hi there, Hoping someone can help me. I’m looking for glides for this Hydramaster wand and the fitting for the lever. Where can I get these? I’ve no idea the name or serial number only that it’s a Hydramaster. Thank you. Frank
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    New wand

    Hi all, look to buy a new wand. The one in the photo is my current one. Looking for recommendations, also considering a rotary machine for commercial work and rental properties. Very hard to make a decision when you can’t test them first. Regards. Frank
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    Cleaning Cinema seat

    Hi Guys, I’m looking for some advice on cleaning these. A company was in cleaning them a month ago but client not happy, they are in poor shape. Any advice would be appreciated. Also they want the curtains cleaned as well, 30ft high, I’m not sure what to do but hate turning down work.
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    Hi all, just wondering does anyone know if the product Perscent is still made. I used to use it when I was in Ocean City MD about 20 years ago. It was highly concentrated stuff, came in Cherry, Orange and Lemon. I’d love to get my hands on some if anyone had an idea, regards. Frank
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    HM Boxer 427 Temp Control

    Hi there, hoping someone can help. I'm getting little or no temperature from my machine, fluctuates and unreliable, I think my temperature control is faulty. Is there a way of bypassing the electronics completely on the machine so I can have constant hot water? Thanks. Frank
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    Hydramaster Boxer 427 clutch

    Hi there, The clutch is gone on my Boxer 427. I have a HM Max 450D. I’m just wondering if you would know whether or not they are the same clutch and if I could just swap them, it would save me money on ordering and down time, regards. Frank
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    Hydro force sx-15

    Is it possible to get the bearings for the spinner or does the whole piece have to be bought? My ones seem to have shattered, must have taken a knock. Thanks in advance.
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    Boxer 427

    Hi there, looking for advice on temperature of water. I replaced my engine on my 427 for obvious “Head issues”. Temperature of exhaust is red hot but water box water remains cold and resulting in cold water at the wand. Sometimes it gets a little bit warm and the other day on a job it was...