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  1. the rugman

    Maps at it again!

    Check your GMB listings - they have disabled service area distance. You now have to put the zips or towns you service. They have also made it so you can't use general categories as your main category like - cleaning service. UGH
  2. the rugman

    Latest Wordpress Update - Caution!

    Be very careful if you are updating to the latest WP - many reports of sites getting messed up. I had one go completely wonky on me!! Back up your site first - or better yet - wait till they throw out a few more updates!! I have heard some issues with DIVI themes which are petty popular.
  3. the rugman

    Olympus M1200 - hoses and a wand - $750

    Works good - I haven't used it in a while. I replaced the regulator and the high pressure hose from the pump. Pump out not coming on but prob an easy fix. New pressure hose - vac hose hose is almost new. I rarely used it at 1200 PSI. It comes with an older want too. I am in Orange County New York.
  4. the rugman

    Mobile search
  5. the rugman

    Thinking Of Scamming Reviews? Might Want To Re-Think That!
  6. the rugman

    I hope your using video!

    I just uploaded a video for a service I did. I titled it service_city. 2 mins later it was on page 1. It's a decent little town in my area. It was a backsplash I installed - not a huge service I know - but still! get those vids uploaded and optimized - I dominate my area with vids!!
  7. the rugman

    Somerhing cool I think

    I just added this to the @1ST CHOICE CLEANING website and I think it's pretty cool. When someone visits the site a little bubble pops up at the bottom corner every few seconds with a review on it. As you all should know by now - I think reviews are a key to conversions! Take a look and throw...
  8. the rugman

    Google plus - oops
  9. the rugman

    Do you track fleet vehicles?

    Wish I had this years ago - I would have know one of my guys was going into NYC and buying drugs in our fully lettered van!
  10. the rugman

    11 Out of 12 Cleaners I checked are making this mistake - are you?

    Check this video out that I made and see if you are making this HUGE mistake:
  11. the rugman

    Anybody do this trick?

    Had a small stretch - house going on the market. Couldn't quite the wrinkles out. Had my buddie hit them with some really hot water from hi TM then stretched - worked great! Was thinking of bringing my steamer along from now on.
  12. the rugman

    White marks on vinyl

    A friend of mine left her window open at the airport and it rained a few times. There are some white lines (drips) on the vinyl. Tried vinyl cleaner but no luck - it's black. Any remedy?
  13. the rugman

    Secure your website - It's here!!!
  14. the rugman

    Luxcelle rug with pee

    Gotta call from another cleaner - custy has a 10x7 brane new rug - blended with Luxcell (viscose). Has 3-4 small dog pee areas. They paid $1100 for the rug and it's literally a couple weeks old. I'm guessing it can't be spot cleaned? @Scott W ??
  15. the rugman

    Yoast SEO Plugin Issue

    Check yuor site if using Yoast‎ Figured everyone here is probably aware of the Yoast plugin update issue that changed the default settings? I keep talking with people that had no idea so I thought I would post this just to make sure. Here is the issue and how to fix it: This was a pretty huge...
  16. the rugman

    Dirty Grout CD - anybbody have one?

    PM me if you do. I need an image off it and I can't open the disk on my new PC.
  17. the rugman

    EDDM for branding

    Here is an EDDM card i did with no specials - branding an awareness only. Why? Not too many do this type of work and many people don't even know it can be done.
  18. the rugman

    Winston-Salem, North Carolina - anybody?

    I have a friend that is doing a large co-op card and wants to get a cleaner on it. Greta way to advertise at a low cost. These things rock - I do them here too.
  19. the rugman

    Gary V's Crushing It

    Anybody read it yet? I have been hearing good things
  20. the rugman

    Anybodu in Kansas City MO?

    I have a business acquaintance that is running a huge shared postcard campaign is looking to get a carpet cleaner on it. these things are pretty cool - i have done them myself in my area. Told her I would put some feelers out.
  21. the rugman

    A Great New Google Review Update

    FINALLY - if a former employee or competitor leaves bogus reviews about you the can be removed! Maps user contributed content is most valuable when it is honest and unbiased. Examples of disallowed practices include, but are not limited to: Reviewing your own business. Posting content about a...
  22. the rugman

    YELP nonsense

    Pulled this from a marketing group I am in: Yelp Tip. Got off the phone last night with a Yelp ad rep after 9 minutes of insisting I wasn't interested in their ads. Woke up at 7 in the morning to 5 of our 5 star reviews filtered, and a 1 star review pushed to 2nd spot. If they ever ring you tell...
  23. the rugman

    A cool app i found

    I am playing around with building APPS and I need certain size images and need to put text on them - found an APP called typeorama - pretty cool. You can take pics of jobs - throw some text over it and save or post to FB etc. Did this one in a few clicks. It's for IPhone but I'm sure there are...
  24. the rugman


    House rented out for 4 years to friend - guess they never cleaned??