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    What happened to this rug?

    Customer sent me this picture of rug she bought and wants to know if I can fix it. Any suggestions?
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    Raptor coupler advice

    I am connecting a 38 hp kohle r engine to a 4007 blower and using a raptor coupler and need advice on the size coupler U should use. The place ordered a size 5 but I am not sure this size is strong enough.Does anyone have any experience with these couplers.Any information would be appreciated.
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    Oil to water heat exchanger advice needed

    I would like to install a oil to water heat exchanger to my Kohler 34 hp oil cooled engine possibly install thru regulator bypass line.I am considering the clean storm heat exchanger. Does anyone have any advise or experience with this application. My oil temp is usually around 230 degrees,it...
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    Kohler oil temperature

    I would like to know if my 38hp Kohler oil cooled engine is running at normal oil temperature. I installed a temperature sensor at the oil drain plug and am getting a temperature reading of 240 degrees Fahrenheit at 3500 rpm.Does anyone know if this engine is running too hot or is this normal.
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    Adjustable baseplate for 4007 tuthill blower

    Does anyone know of someone who manufacture's an adjustable baseplate for a 4007 blower.Any information would be appreciated.
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    Need help with oxidation stain

    I am in Highlands Ranch Colorado and was in a house that rented basement out to a tenant that moved out today.I never met tenant. The areas are about one foot in diameter. I did not do a fiber test but seems to be a blend of beige nylon/ polyesyer with brown flects. The flecks are unaffected.
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    Need help with oxidation stain

    I cleaned a customer's carpet today and after cleaning I started grooming the carpet and noticed several oxidation stains where about 50 percent color loss that was not there before. I did no special spotting and the color loss was not noticeable while I was cleaning. I cannot explain this and...
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    Brass bulkhead fitting

    Does anyone know where I can get brass or plastic bulkhead fittings that are 1/4 pipe fittings and preferably with o ring. Thanks
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    Help with Pepto bismol stain

    I have a customer that has a Pepto bismol stain about 12 square inches.The fiber is polyester and is stained from the tip of the fibers to the base. I tried solvent cleaner,rust remover,ammonia,and red dye remover with iron.I used hot water extraction after each chemical applied but the stain...
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    Wick back after drying

    You guys are all wrong the best way to clean is with some dd7 and rinse.If you cleaned it right the first time this would not happen
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    Krud kutter

    Thanks for you comment
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    Krud kutter

    Can krud kutter be used on carpet? What is your experience with this product