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  1. repspro

    Bare-bones Digital Marketing Guide for Starters

    Shared, hope it helps! Here's the link:
  2. repspro

    SEO Tips to Pick the Low Hanging Fruit

    Hey guys! So I got asked to post an article about technical aspects of SEO. These are the little parts that, when done together, improve the overall performance of your website. All of these are ranking factors on Google. They are not the biggest like, for example, content, backlinks, and...
  3. repspro

    Bare-bones Digital Marketing Guide for Starters

    Glad you liked it! Will do, stay tuned. :)
  4. repspro

    Backlink Examples Please?

    What are your best practices?
  5. repspro

    Any SEO tips to rank my new website?

    Have you at least tried? If you did, how did it go?
  6. repspro

    Who Does E-Mail Marketing?

    Absolutely agree. The thing with email is - there is just SO MUCH information out there and so many people just spamming the hell out of it. The law was basically forced to take action. For many businesses, especially small ones, a simple email list where you send updates from time to time...
  7. repspro

    Bare-bones Digital Marketing Guide for Starters

    I see that a lot of people in this thread are wondering how to rank their sites in Google. This is why I'd like to share things I've learned in the most beginner-friendly way so that even a middle school kid can understand it. Ranking on the first page of Google is a modern-day gold rush...
  8. repspro

    new to internet marketing, suggestions please

    Agree with Toughjobs, digital marketing can seem very overwhelming if you're new to it. All the steps they have laid out should be followed. However, I wouldn't buy backlinks. It's okay if you're paying a professional to build links for you but if you're straight up buying links, you can get...
  9. repspro

    Backlink Examples Please?

    Would like to add my 2 cents. Facebook, Youtube, and all other social networks do indeed allow links to your website but those links are NoFollow. You see, all backlinks on the web are either DoFollow (DF) or NoFollow (NF). If you plug your website into a tool like Ubersuggest, you will be...
  10. repspro

    Any SEO tips to rank my new website?

    Keywords aren't as important as they once were. Once upon a time, you could rank a website by just stuffing a ton of keywords onto it. However, the game has changed. While keywords ARE still relevant, what's more important is the topic. Search engine algorithms, especially Google's, have...
  11. repspro

    Google Guaranteed

    You'll never know unless you test. In marketing, it's all about testing. There are a couple of benefits of Google Guaranteed/Local Services Ads. You have no keywords to manage or ad copy to write. You're taking one more spot of "digital real estate" on Google, in addition to your organic...
  12. repspro

    Who Does E-Mail Marketing?

    In a nutshell, to get someone's email, you need to give something that's valuable and worth exchanging an email address for. Usually, this is a free quote, inspection, discount or even a small product. You could set up a guide (nothing too fancy, small 10 page eBook or 15 minute video)...
  13. repspro

    How much traffic are you getting from Google my business?

    GMB is critical. One thing many people miss is that if you have a GMB profile that ranks high (has good reviews, good content, etc), your website will also be lifted up in the search results. Google loves its assets. The more of Google's assets you use, and if you use them the right way, the...
  14. repspro

    Website & Landing Page Help Please!

    Hi! I am also new to this forum but know a thing or two about marketing. I've checked your website and here are some suggestions: 1. Add an FAQ. Use a tool like to find questions people are asking about mold removal, water damage repair, carpet cleaning, etc. Find questions...