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  1. The Dirt Army

    Thanks Tre

    I had a website designed from Cleaner Designs back in 2011 and to this day Tre helps with modifications, for free. Great service. Thanks again
  2. The Dirt Army

    My website never comes up on Google

    My main site never comes up on google search for carpet cleaning in Murrieta. My address is in the city of Murrieta, CA. Can somebody tell me what I'm doing wrong. I see other companies have their Yelp page come up at the top of the page. I spend more money advertising on Yelp...
  3. The Dirt Army

    What is the BEST Water Softener + Filter combo for cleaning carpets

    I'm installing live reels in my van and want the tap water to pass through a filter, then water softener, then maybe another filter to provide my customers with the softest and cleanest carpet possible. What do you recommend I get or don't get?
  4. The Dirt Army

    Do I need a holding tank to run a water softener?

    I'm thinking about buying a Blueline water softener but haven't been able to figure out if I need a holding tank. If I hook up to a customers hose, then it runs through a water softener, will it have enough pressure or flow so that my TM can run properly?
  5. The Dirt Army

    Can I hang an electric hose reel this far back in van?

    I want to buy an electric hose reel and have a few questions. 1. Can it be mounted further back towards the truckmount? 2. How does it unwind? 3. is there a lever that has to be pulled to release the reel so it can be unwound? Think about how much room we would have for activities
  6. The Dirt Army

    New Invoices Geared for Upselling

    I'm in the process of creating different pricing structures for our carpet cleaning customers. My Basic service will be what I already perform. This service is $35 for small bedrooms and hallways, $40 for liv,din, fam and Master. $65 for stairs. Service includes Rotovac 360 cleaning. ** Ultra...
  7. The Dirt Army


    Lady called me from the hospital to clean up large areas of blood in her master bedroom. Can I just use OSR, since it contains enzymes. At least I get to use my new rubber gloves today.
  8. The Dirt Army

    New Work Shirts Are In!

    If this doesn't get my customers excited about our new equipment, nothing will. @Johnny Bravo is going to be so jelly
  9. The Dirt Army

    Floor Boarders have Ripples in Wood after we Cleaned Tile

    I just had a customer call and say that his 6" wood boarders or trim are a little rippled after we cleaned it 3 days ago. I actually noticed while cleaning that there was a very small gap on this molding, where it touched the tile, while cleaning and just shrugged it off. I'm finding out this...
  10. The Dirt Army

    T-REX + Brush Pro + Corner Guards = Video for Upscale Customers :)

    Shot this video today and finally figured out this new editing software (Pinnacle Studio 17.5 Ultimate). I'm starting to like its features. Some of you suggested that I make a video of cleaner carpets using corner guards to get a higher class of clients. I agree. Hope you like
  11. The Dirt Army

    Brush Pro + Rotovac 360i (video)

    I finally bought a microphone so I can narrate. Damn @Rob Allen this is a pain in the butt ;) I have to give you credit on all your videos. This 1 min video has taken over 10 hours to edit and narrate.
  12. The Dirt Army

    Tile & Grout Cleaning in Murrieta, CA (new video)

    Here's another
  13. The Dirt Army

    Tile Cleaning in Temecula, CA (video)

    I finally bought some royalty free background music for $2.99. Tomorrow I'm going to buy a microphone so I can start narrating these videos. We shot this footage yesterday and shot 2 homes today (videos will be up tomorrow)
  14. The Dirt Army

    Just made 3 new videos

    We shot some video today and when I plugged in the memory card to my computer I found 3 unedited videos from September 2013. Nice. I REALLY need to find new background music. most sound tracks that i like won't pass You Tubes filter. You are going to see a lot of new videos from me because I...
  15. The Dirt Army

    Money Mailer Ad for 40k homes

    I signed up for the Money Mailer a few weeks ago and was not happy with the way they designed my ad, so I hired "The One and Only" Ryan Kettering from UVforLess. I think he did an excellent job and for a very reasonable price. Hopefully this will get me some extra business. I've dropped my...
  16. The Dirt Army

    Everybody gets booties. Everybody!!!

    2,400 pairs of booties just arrived. I'm expecting a stellar year ;) only $8.15 per box from I actually like these "economy" kind. They are bigger than the more expensive ones.
  17. The Dirt Army

    500 pens just arrived

    I think they look good and I actually like the way they write.
  18. The Dirt Army

    Crazy Lady

    I got a call this morning at 8:05 am from a lady wondering where we were. I told this lady that she wasn't scheduled until two days from now at 10 am. She said NO WAY and that I better get down their ASAP. I told her I was sorry for the inconvenience and that I will call my employee in to work 1...
  19. The Dirt Army

    Am I throwing money away every day?

    Everyday I swap out my 2 gallon pump up sprayers with new product (if I have the jobs), is this necessary? 1st sprayer contains Matrix Bottom Line (enzymes). This product can be used straight for serious odors or mixed 1:3. If I mix this product with hot water is it going to die in the next 24...
  20. The Dirt Army

    My New Refrigerator Magnets are in.

    I ordered these on 4/11/14 from and they just showed up today. 2,500 magnets for $350 shipped.
  21. The Dirt Army

    4 month old blood stain won't come out.

    I threw everything at this freakin blood stain. It laughed at Stain Magic and 40 vol. I couldn't get anything to transfer onto a towel. I guess the husband was bedridden here, and then died. Is there anything else I can do besides cut the carpet out? The below pic is after Stain Magic sat on...
  22. The Dirt Army

    How is everyone handling this heat wave?

    We cleaned 3 homes yesterday and it was 88 degrees outside in Lake Elsinore, CA. The last home was on a hill above the lake and you could see people water skiing. Thinking about buying some camo shorts.
  23. The Dirt Army

    How do I DE-SCALE my Amtex Inferno?

    I have about 400 hrs on my TM and would like to descale it. The filters on all my tools are always getting clogged up. Also I'm in the market for a water softener of Helix 360, any suggestions