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    FB How many of you guys ever got unwanted pests in your van? Roaches, lizards, bees,fleas, etc?

    My brother's van was invaded by cockroaches. They were a nuisance and it took a lot of efforts from us to get rid of them. Sprinkling boric powder helped but only for a shorter period of time. As the cockroaches have an extremely efficient breeding process, they only kept increasing in numbers...
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    Window cleaning and winter?

    That's nice.
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    Speed Cleaning Question?

    Thanks for the tips. This would help.
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    Gutter Cleaning

    What equipment did they use?
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    Water marks on Sisal area rug

    This technique would remove the stains, definitely.
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    How to remove brown stain from viscose rug?

    Very true!! It is very important to clear out the stain form the rugs.
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    Do you guys take pictures of the rugs you clean?

    Thanks for the link. This will help.
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    Moth's in Wool Rug

    Thanks for the particular information.
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    How Can You Get Rid Of Monsoon Pests Easily – Timesaverz

    Pests like lizards and mice are the major problem.