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  1. Wal3r1

    I need some advice.. on this.

    Okay so as I slowly start out my business, and try to earn money with the equipment I have and resources I have. I have decided to setup, and have setup at a busy intersection in a shut down Taco bell parking lot. I pull my equipment out set out signs and everything. First day I was out...
  2. Wal3r1

    UPDATE on AV Carpet Care

    Hey everyone, with everyone who has help I thought about sharing an update. I work a Monday to Friday office job, only planning on doing weekend work for now. So With the bumps in the road,stolen generator, touble getting my name out there. We started a Facebook page.
  3. Wal3r1

    Update on my Buiness

    Hey I thought I would give an update. Been awhile since I have posted. My equipment. Sandia 500psi 3 stage heated extractor. So it has been event for but not for the right reasons. I am still in the gethering the right equipment phase, and learning. But am ready to start doing work. Smalls...
  4. Wal3r1

    Could this be used to prevent tripping breakers?

    I have a Sandia 500 psi heated unit. I can't afford a generator yet. I want to be as professional as possible, and not trip any breakers. Thinking this may help? Or something similar...
  5. Wal3r1

    New guy Just starting !

    Hello, soon to be brother and sisters of the carpet cleaning industry. First off, Wow I have read a lot on this forum the last two days and this is amazing and very very helpful. With that I am starting my Business, very small, mostly weekend work. Keeping my 9-5 as something to fall back...
  6. Wal3r1

    Generator question

    Hey new here, just starting out wanted to start small maintain my current job. So I purchased a Sandia Sniper 12 Gallon Commercial Carpet Extractor 500 PSI 3 Stage Fan with Heat 80-3500-H. With that I would also like to do car cleaning, and was wondering what type of generator would work...