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  1. rob allen

    Customer Prep List

    We are updating our customer prep list. What are a list of things you ask the client to do before you arrive? Clear the driveway Remove any small breakable items ...
  2. rob allen

    Contest-Free Green Label prespray w/Thymol

    CONTEST! 3 free containers of the new RSF Green Label prespray. Cleans like crazy and the Thymol smells amazing! Here’s the rules. Tell us something about yourself that might surprise us that we don’t know. I’ll start for example...”I was voted least likely to succeed” in high school. Well...
  3. rob allen

    Porcelain glaze failure

    For the record there is an issue of porcelain glaze coming off when being cleaned. It is not residue but an optical haze from the glaze failure. The flooring industry is aware of it and only recently is the cleaning industry catching on. We now have clients sign off on this anomaly. I highly...
  4. rob allen

    How would you explain different methods?

    What’s your explanation when someone asks about different cleaning methods?
  5. rob allen

    Featured If you were starting a carpet cleaning business today

    What would you do or not do differently? What method? What equipment? How large? What trucks?
  6. rob allen

    Where can I find tile square bullnose trim?

    Good morning fellow cleaners. Anyone know where I can get this bullnose trim for my carpet tiles? Seems the local flooring companies can’t.
  7. rob allen

    New Green Label prespray preorder!

    Green Label preorder. Get 10.00 off. "This stuff cleans and smells amazing"! USE CODE: SAVEGL to get $10 off per container as an introductory offer. Green Label is a Super Concentrate that works on all synthetic carpets-tile-uph-rugs for HWE & VLM! Revolutionary new plant-based Thymol infused...
  8. rob allen

    Featured Shortages across the US

    I was at a local dealership looking at a new car. They said they are running out of cars. Normally they have 700 on lot at all times. They are down to 200. But they sell 400+ month. They are really worried because of shortages. I’ve also noticed many Truckmounts are out 6 months. Anything you’ve...
  9. rob allen

    2008 Bubble about hit again?

    It has the same feel but worse. I predict by end year it will pop and will lead to more homelessness, business losses, rich getting richer and laws we don’t want or can’t stop. What’s your take? Feel like 2008?
  10. rob allen

    What do you do for free on carpet cleaning jobs?

    What things or service do you do for free or include? (Shoe covers, throw rugs, throw rugs etc)
  11. rob allen

    Anyone notice a change in people who took the c-vaxx?

    I hope it’s just me but several people I know who have taken the shot their behavior has changed. Actually their whole personality. It’s weird. I noticed several are like a whole different person. I do find it odd that all social media censors any reactions and suppresses any issues associated...
  12. rob allen

    Help me name the scent of our new Green Label prespray

    Want something with a tree hugger feel good name. (This is not available yet except to TMF private members atm. Will be available to purchase in 8-10 days)
  13. rob allen

    HWE (steam cleaning) vs VLM (dry cleaning) whats better for carpet cleaning?

    I know, I know it's not technically "steam cleaning" vs "dry cleaning". The proper definition for the acronyms, HWE & VLM, is Hot Water Extraction and Very Low Moisture. But most customers understand it as steam vs dry. Sadly so do some carpet cleaners. Heck its in the name so no wonder the...
  14. rob allen

    Why does soapy residue kill vacuum?

    We tell clients all time that soapy residue causes resoil, reoccurring spots and stains plus cause carpets to dull out. But we don't mention how soap kills vacuum. Anyone know why this happens?
  15. rob allen

    What are some reasons carpet cleaners been sued over?

    Each year we hear of cleaners who get sued for one reason or the other. Any reasons you know of or seen?
  16. rob allen

    New TMF Headquarters build out

    Sometimes in life you have to break down walls to reach your goals. I measured the area for my two tool boxes plus the new one. 5’+5’+4’=14’ exactly. Figured I could wedge it in but didn’t factor in the bolts sides each unit. Needed almost 2”. One side is cinder brick. So what did we do? Got er...
  17. rob allen

    RSF Solvent sealer now odorless!

    Well for the record we have made our RSF solvent sealer odorless. And I have tested it and after several days on concrete & check out the repellency in front of my new shop!
  18. rob allen

    Client sent email - Are you vaccinated? How would you reply?

    Got a live one this morning. First it was flu fear. Then mask shaming. Social distance shaming and now vax shaming? Hmmm...How would you respond?
  19. rob allen

    Event 2021 Charleston SC Trade Show

    In case you couldn’t make it here’s a thread showing the event. (Here’s a few before the show opens up)
  20. rob allen

    Featured New HydraMaster Hydroshelf

    Sorry Rob our adjustable shelf won’t fit your truck. I said “hold my beer” [emoji481] [emoji1]
  21. rob allen

    How do you keep your employees motivated?

    Employees are getting harder to find and harder to keep happy lately with the pandemic. Any suggestions of how to keep employees motivated?
  22. rob allen

    Crew leader won’t work in the rain...

    Got this question from a business owner who wants stay anonymous for personal reasons. What do you think? “Hey Rob I need some advice. Yesterday, I was fully booked and it was also raining bad (storming) All of my crew leaders and office staff showed up to work, some a bit later than others...
  23. rob allen

    Ever got cited for illegal dumping of waste water?

    You or anyone else you know of?
  24. rob allen

    Temp agencies-Good or bad?

    Seems like good employees are getting harder to find in these times. So I’m looking outside our normal hiring process. Considering a temp agency? Any used them, if so good or bad?