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    Please Help Me Save This Expensive Old Rug

    I'm not saying it ain't cotton...but it don't look like cotton. Viscose is made from cellulose and it's like a fake silk.
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    Please Help Me Save This Expensive Old Rug

    Looks like Viscose and you shit it up. Chalk it up to a lesson learned
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    Advice for selling equipment

    Kaitlyn sorry for your loss Unfortunately your van (assuming it is in good, reliable condition) is probably worth more than the carpet machine. Bane Clene equipment is not exactly highly sought after - which is unfortunate because although it's old and not super powerful, they last forever and...
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    The Oreck Orbiter

    Make sure pad or brush is fully pushed onto orbiter. Is brush broken in? Use some cleaner to provide lubrication. If all 3 are done, it shouldn't bounce around at all
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    Truckmount as pressure washer

    A blower is a high load on a clutch. They do make electrically closed clutches that could withstand it but generally it wouldn't be done because 1. They are costly and 2. A blower generally will outlast by far any other component of the system. They generally just don't care how many hours they...
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    Absolutely new to this. Need guidance to get started in the business

    Interesting. I'm on /r/entrepreneur. Would rather not give out my user name but I've directed people here to tmf in the past
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    Add ons, You have to ask !! When you see it.

    So when you fix those thresholds into tile - do you insert a patch or do you trim it back an inch and kick it back tight? I've fixed a few where the carpet was slack enough to trim off the bad spot but was curious as to your method.
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    2007 Butler For Sale

    I love TCS and that's what I run but that's like comparing a Toyota (nice, reliable, but reasonably priced car) with a Bentley (world renowned best you can buy). I would have a butler if I had the scratch
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    brand new Prochem 4 jet wand - $400 free shipping

    That's a deal. I don't understand the description tho, is it a 2 inch wand or 1.5?
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    wand with 3 8001 jets closer to carpet or wand with 3 9502 jets further away from carpet?

    If you didn't have good heat and you used too much water than you are diverting too much water to your waste tank thru your diverter.
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    45 blower with a 22 hp engine

    1.4 is just a general factor determined by people much smarter than me that accounts for losses and inefficiencies. BHP is the perfect theoretical HP that the blower will absorb, so obviously you'd need some slop in there for belt drive losses, and differences in peak operating rpms and whatnot.
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    45 blower with a 22 hp engine

    Correct, but to convert brake HP to small engine hp you need to multiply by a factor of 1.4. So a45 needs an engine of 23.5 to run at Max
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    Business door mat service

    Most uniform supplies (Cintas, Unifirst, etc) offer printed mats both sale or rent. I would think they could beat most of us on price just because of their sure volume
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    Truckmount Installer Wanted

    Mama's got the biggest point - liability. Say you do the gas tap yourself and then a mechanic "puts in 4 bolts." Then, 6 months from now your van explodes because of leaking gas. What's to say your insurance company doesn't decide to sue the crap out of your installer? For the same reason...
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    Starting a new Janitorial Business

    Same here. I'm super lucky to get 60 cents on most jobs. So many people with a bucket and a mop willing to do it for pennies
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    Starting a new Janitorial Business

    Do you know anything at all about janitorial work or about running a business? If either of these answers is no, I would say run, run away.
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    Looking to buy Used van w/butler system

    Contact Butler directly. They always have vans available. Also, if you are in Virginia there was a great set up at Southeast Cleaning Equipment send Morgan a message
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    Finally going from Owner op. to first employee

    Keep in mind it's hard when you make that leap to employees but you'll have to learn that not everyone is going to be exactly the same speed and process as you, no matter how much you train them. What's important is that the customer is satisfied and the results are the same. If I had a guy...
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    2010 Freightliner Sprinter - Do or Don't?

    Just FYI- carrying a balance on a credit card does absolutely nothing to "build" your credit. That's an old wives tale that needs to stop.
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    Some Results for Mama Fen

    My photos got out of order. This is the before of the first 2 photos in the main post.
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    Some Results for Mama Fen

    As promised, I am delivering on some feedback since Mama was so kind as to send some samples to so many of us for the Newline products. First of all - I have not used the detergent (Tsunami) - just doesn't really fit into my cleaning system as I almost exclusively use an alkaline prespray and...
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    Top 50 prespray comparison test

    I agree. It was competitive analysis done under the guise of increasing the knowledge of each of us. And even allowing people of this board to volunteer samples from their own supplies to test. Rob I hope I'm wrong about this but I'm losing a lot of respect for your methods here. I feel,as much...
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    What breaks down most on truckmounts?

    Heat management. By that I don't mean necessarily the heat exchangers, but the dump valves, temp gauges, bypass valves, solenoids. All the stuff that complicates a heat exchanger system
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    Top 50 prespray comparison test

    That's great and all but I still wanna see the results - I need good prespray now, and better prespray later when you reformulate!