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  1. James G

    Cleaning/Polishing Hardwood with Rotovac 360i

    What additional supplies and checmicals do I need? And if anyone has a video or instruction sheet they could send me that would be awesome!! I am not refinishing or sanding etc just need to clean and polish floor (which doesn't really look dirty anyway). Thanks in advance!
  2. James G

    Anybody willing to let me pick their brain on advertising??

    I understand if you aren't wanting to disclose all info on here but I have some questions about where and how to advertising, in short I've just added carpet/tile cleaning to my business and my google Adwords methods aren't working and I don't want to take the jump on a mailer campaign. Feel...
  3. James G

    Have my first tile job next week and I have a couple of questions!?

    So I'm getting after my first tile job next week at my father in laws place to get my feet wet. Basically what I need help with is the steps I should follow (cleaning and clear sealing), I'll list the supplies I currently have as well. My second questions is, they clear sealed the tile 15...
  4. James G

    Need good referral guy for grout repairs

    I have a T&G job next week and the client is asking about grout repairs. I service the Dallas area and thought I'd check on here before resorting to the various directories. Fell free to PM me if you don't want to post it here. Thanks
  5. James G

    Adding T& I have everything I need?

    Ok so let me start by saying this is my first ever post (BIG FAN!!) and I'm new all together to the carpet cleaning business! I have a successful Dryer Vent Cleaning business and after a lot of research (most of which on this site) I decided to purchase the Rotovac & Enduro package but I...