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    Closing down and looking to sell off my Prochem Bruin II truckmounts (3 of them)

    Hi, wondering if you still have Bruin 2 parts for sale ?
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    I need a Bruin 2 heat exchanger

    Hi, has anyone got a Bruin 2 heat exchanger for sale ?
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    Bruin 2 pressure issue

    Solenoid not stuck open so waste tank isn't filling quicker than normal.Temperaturr behaving normally. I can't operate at high temps. Machine shuts down. Pressure only goes to 400psi however far I turn gauge.
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    Bruin 2 pressure issue

    I took spring out of regulator and don't think belt is slipping. After putting on new pump and regulator it worked perfectly for a week or so then suddenly started to give trouble again. I not using my chemical pump and the two hoses relevant t to that are just sitting at side of unit . Would...
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    Bruin 2 pressure issue

    Hi everyone, I have a Bruin 2 and for almost a year the maximum pressure I get is 400psi. I changed the Cat pump change. Changed regulator and it worked fine for a week or so then riverted to same problem. Any ideas ?
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    Pump losing pressure cannot regulate

    Did the new pump fix the problem. I got a new pump, but am still losing pressure.