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    Restoration equipment for sale

    Hey everyone, I've got some Mitigation equipment for sale. Everything is in good shape (some brand new still in boxes). We are closing down the Mit. side of the business. inlcudes: 45 Centrifugal Air movers (Omni Dry 2.9) 5 Axial (Phoenix) 6 Radial (plus 1 old one) (Hydramaster/Phoenix) 4 Omni...
  2. Rem

    How would I seal this?

    The tiles show to bead moisture. I assume just the group needs a sealer(I have bulletproof on hand). Do i spray seal the entire surface and then wipe tiles clean? Thanks
  3. Rem

    Warp threads?

    How can I know what fiber the white threads are, and if te will cause this olefin rug to shrink when saturated?
  4. Rem

    Rubber gym floor?

    I have a church I clean carpet & tile for, asking me to clean this floor (mainly the edges). What advice, equipment, and cleaning agents do you recommend? It is a type of rubber I believe. Thanks
  5. Rem

    Rug cleaning help

    I have a good customer who asked if I could/would clean their rug. I am new to rug cleaning, but hated to turn down the request and chance the customer going somewhere else. Any help would be much appreciated. The rug doesn't look to have any spotting, but just daily soil and a strong dirty dog...