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  1. AdmiralClean

    Excellent service CAN be found

    It's sometimes hard to find good service sometimes, but TCS always gives their best. I blew up my Kohler 27 on a job yesterday. Of course, it went down when I'm so booked I hardly have time to eat. One phone call, one day of downtime and I'm back in business!
  2. AdmiralClean

    Competitor called today

    Said his truck broke down and he had a job he needed me to do. He said it was 4 BR's with dog urine. He said he priced it at $130. It included "deodorization". He asked if I could do it for him. I said yes, but I couldn't guarantee him I could do it for that price. I told him it sounded kind of...
  3. AdmiralClean

    Sitting on a back porch swing

    Watching my son make money.
  4. AdmiralClean

    I need you youngsters to help an old man out, please.

    I finally got an I phone this weekend and I am learning how to use it. Once I figure it out more, I want to be able to use it to take before and after pictures and such and post them to my facebook page and my website, and even to this forum. Is it hard to learn how to do this? What steps...
  5. AdmiralClean

    You know what you get when your customers are like family?

    You get a customer with a sense of humor! I get this call today and I answer it like I always do by stating my name. This lady asks for my name again and I tell her. She tells me she is calling from an internal medicine office in Montgomery (she is a nurse there) and has been instructed to...
  6. AdmiralClean

    CGD glue removal on concrete floor

    I have this concrete floor that the carpet needs replacing on. Carpet squares will be installed afterward, but an architect has stipulated that the glue MUST be removed before the tiles can be installed. How am I going to remove this glue?
  7. AdmiralClean

    I think I want to purchase an i-Pad

    Did you notice I said "I think"? I am not sure, so I thought I'd ask you young people if I should. What I want to use it for is simply to access ServiceMonster while on the road. I have become reliant of SM more here lately and feel lost without it while working. Of course, I will end up...
  8. AdmiralClean

    Well, here I go again. Another blown head gasket!

    1700 hours on my Kohler 27 and I have a blown head gasket. I am down until next Thursday! I bought a Kohler this time because my last TWO Brigg's engines blew their head gaskets by 1500 hours! The second Brigg's blew it a second time AGAIN at 2500 hours! I have been told two things over...
  9. AdmiralClean

    Rob ... this should make you happy.

    I got a time out over on Satan's board for saying your video's were better than his. And ... for being a general pita. So see, it's just not on your board!
  10. AdmiralClean

    Porcelain tile problem

    Or, at least I am assuming it is porcelain tile. It is a commercial tile in a high end building. It is that really shiney tile that almost looks like glass. They used an epoxy grout that left a film on the tile. According to the customer, the tile mfg. has had them try several different...
  11. AdmiralClean

    I did a rather nasty job with both the 2 inch and the 1.5 inch wand yesterday

    Rental house. Homeowner lives in New Mexico and called me off of a referral. Wanted me to go give him my recommendations of replacement vs. cleaning. Don't you just hate those type calls? It's like you walk in and think ... well, I know I can make this place look much better ... but if there's...
  12. AdmiralClean

    Butler Rigs?

    Hey Coop ... I know you can't sell them yourself, but can you set that aside and tell me how much you have liked your Butler? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
  13. AdmiralClean

    O'Keeffe's Working Hands at Lowe's or Home Depot

    If you suffer from cracking hands, as I have all my working life, this product is the only one I have ever found that actually prevents it. And I have tried many products over the years.
  14. AdmiralClean

    Emails to customers ... ?

    Does it require a different type of program to create marketing emails to customers that contain colors and graphics? Or, can you create that kind of stuff with regular email?
  15. AdmiralClean

    Is this the new normal, or can we avoid the fiscal cliff?

    Since the election, my phone has been dead. I have received a few calls from regular customers who are looking for a cheaper price, and they say they have to talk to their husband first ... we all know what's up with that. I wonder if this is just a faze in the endless business cycle of boom...
  16. AdmiralClean

    "Do not progress towards the house!"

    That is what a gun toting, Barney Fife acting, neighbor yelled at me as I got out of my van on a job yesterday. I had been at the house cleaning for about 30 minutes when I went out to my van to call another customer. As I turned to get out of my van, I am confronted with this crazed dude with...
  17. AdmiralClean

    Devastator filter!

    I apologize for boring you people with my own pissy little problems, but my filter top split into three pieces on me and I need a new one. I have left a message for Tom, but he hasn't checked his phone messages yet. Or, he is intentionally ignoring me. Carry on ...
  18. AdmiralClean

    Is there a law of nature ...

    Is there some kind of law of nature governing bulletin board gurus/huxters? We get rid of one and another always pops up!
  19. AdmiralClean

    Google Adwords, or whatever it is called

    I was bored the other day looking for something to do and I decided to put up a google ad thingy. I pay no more than $8 per day up to a maximum amount of $100 for this first ad. I don't fully understand how this thing works yet, like it only comes up in the zip code that my office is in ...
  20. AdmiralClean

    Did ya'll know I was a business guru?

    I keep track of a few things in my business. I keep up with s.f. per hour cleaning the different things I service. So, in other words, I have a good idea how much tile and grout I can clean in an hour or carpet, upholstery, etc. I also keep up with the number of hours I work each month. Of...
  21. AdmiralClean

    Encap question over on Satan's Board

    Merty was cruising MB this morning and noticed a post by Satan himself asking if anyone had an encap account that had been solely encapped for over 10 times without HWE rinse. Since I know that buttwad lurks over here just to see what I am doing, I thought I would answer him. I have one. It's...
  22. AdmiralClean

    Anti-Monkey's Butt Powder

    Some smart-a$$ in Washington State sent me a jar of this stuff. Now who do you think that might be? And what makes him think I have a problem with that in the first place?
  23. AdmiralClean

    Devistator filter

    I forget who the dude is I bought it from. Tom somethingoranother. Anyway, I need another green bag for mine. How do I find this dude to order?