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  1. Azure Tech


    This is my first year going through a winter and I would REALLY like to avoid making noob mistakes. Anyone willing to share some experience about winters, best practices, what to avoid, what not to do, etc..? (Assuming you live in an area that has seasons) Doesn't matter if you think it's...
  2. Azure Tech

    Took The FaceBook Plunge

    I just took the FaceBook plunge and started an ad through FaceBook. I followed the format laid out by Mr. Burnich at: http://sfs. It went simple enough and I didn't have to wait 24 hours for it to get approved. *crosses fingers Here's...
  3. Azure Tech

    Thank You ChemDry

    I would like to say a big THANK YOU to the ChemDry folks in my area. It was because of your outstanding cleaning abilities and exceptional customer service that I was able to make a client for life. Why you ask? Lets just say I was able to do what you could not. ;) How's that you ask...
  4. Azure Tech

    What Would You Do If...?

    What would you do if you walked into a customers home and one of the first things they tell to you is they tried to clean their carpets with TIDE? Ready, Set, Go! Side Note - yes this really happened.
  5. Azure Tech

    Are Ride Alongs A Myth?

    So, I'm really really new to the industry. I have about 8 Months worth of OJT, and I have been trained in encapsulation method only. I've taken two of the IICRC courses, CCT and UFT, and I want and am ready to learn more. So, while I'm waiting for more classes to be offered in my area, I...