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  1. waxman

    Concrete polishing

  2. waxman

    Pressure washer/ truck mount

    I have a trailer mounted Landa hot water power washer something like this one, almost 20 years old thousands of hours of use. It has never had no issues ,original everything. All I have done is change the fluids. So what would it take to just add a blower to it. This machine new is under 5...
  3. waxman

    Monster tile job!

  4. waxman

    What would you charge?

    What would you charge and how long do you think it would take to remove this sealer and reseal?? 750sqft
  5. waxman

    Power wash job

    To busy to travel now anybody interested Stanford Conn auto dealer shop complete wash about 2 days work,contact me i give you the #
  6. waxman

    Commercial kitchen floor

  7. waxman

    Porcelain floor help.

    Masonite was put down to protect the floor, plumber came in and had an issue and left the Masonite wet. The floor now has a redish tint where it got wet. We scrubbed and steamed it with viper venum. The floor still has redish tint to it. What can we try to remove this it's not on the grout...
  8. waxman

    Some help Burlington NC

    I need pricing from someone local on getting about one 15x15 bedroom upstairs, one 20x20 bedroom downstairs ,one open area at the top of stairs 25x20, and about 20 stairs off white carpet cleaned. My son and his dog are living in my parents townhouse while going to college in Burlington NC, my...
  9. waxman

    Essential X Coat Nano Floor Finish

    We just tried X Coat in a few schools 4 coats went done easy dried fast shine is pretty deep not burnished yet. Sent from my iPad using TMF Forums
  10. waxman

    We did a large theater today!!!

    Besides being a little dirty has some damage from wrong chems used before Sent from my iPad using TMF Forums
  11. waxman

    Tile cleaning before and after

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  12. waxman

    Recent marble hone and polish.

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  13. waxman

    School stripped and coated

    2 Schools stripped and coated 4 coats finish
  14. waxman

    Terra Cotta coating removal and seal

    Terra cotta removel of failed coating and resealed
  15. waxman

    Pep boys coating removel

    Remove coating from old floor
  16. waxman

    Completed Terrazzo job (10,000 sqft)

    Ground from 50 grit metal to 1500 resin
  17. waxman

    Recently completed floor work.

    Vinyl wood sealed Vinyl stripped waxed and burnished Concrete polished Queens
  18. waxman

    Wax build up

    Old floor finish that was scrapped off the edges, we removed three five gal pails of this stuff from 800 sqft.
  19. waxman

    area rug

    Before and after of an area rug , presprayed and rinsed.
  20. waxman

    service soon light

    We have a prochem everest just had it serviced 2 weeks ago and their tech is away for training now and will not be back till next week.The service soon light came on ,checked all fluids, filters etc. What else can i look for that might be causing this.
  21. waxman

    Hello from Long Island

    I am the owner of Advance Industrial Maintenance since 1992, providing all kinds of services.We are now running a prochem everest in a box truck doing only commercial work.