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  1. AdmiralClean

    Zipper Wand

    Yes, and no. Yes, in that it cleans much better than a wand. So much better that I no longer carry my rotary on my van for scrubbing. No, in that it isn't easy to work with. Even on empties, you find yourself annoyed by it's bulkiness and drag. The thing is hard to push on residential.
  2. AdmiralClean

    hardest part of business

    Missing my naps is the worst. Reading DATS on TMF is second.
  3. AdmiralClean

    Customer appreciation day with Masterblend demo!

    Do you run one?
  4. AdmiralClean

    Procyon products

    All of them. Since the introduction of the new products, I've tested them all. Great products. Still not the best.
  5. AdmiralClean

    Flex ICE

    Not that they have communicated to the test group. The last conversation I had with Forsythe, he agreed with me that it didn't perform on par with 90 or Slurry, but that's not it's intended function.
  6. AdmiralClean

    I love magic wand company.

    I was posting on another board one day lately and saw a sale on Magic Wands Grease Eater. I decided what the heck and ordered some. It's a good product. Their gum digger is tops too.
  7. AdmiralClean

    Procyon products

    All I used was Procyon for years. It is an amazing product, but I didn't know what it's shortcomings were. It's like pad cleaning or using a portable. You think you've got it made until circumstances make you change and you realized you'd been in the dark all those years. For me, it was their...
  8. AdmiralClean

    Flex ICE

    I was fortunate to be a product tester for Flex Ice prior to it going live. I like the product for it's acid side rinse characteristics, but I am a little perplexed at one of Scott's claims. I did NOT find that it was a good single step cleaning agent and it did NOT perform as well in that...
  9. AdmiralClean

    Not sure what the client is on but wow

    Well, we can all discuss it to death, but that will just delay you from doing what you need to do. Call her. Findout what the problem is and fix it. If you can't fix it, refund her money.
  10. AdmiralClean

    I was accused of being bait & switch today

    See? I told you that you were being me over here.
  11. AdmiralClean

    I was accused of being bait & switch today

    I hate quoting over the phone! I also hate going out to do estimates. However, I love cashing checks, so I continue to clean carpets.
  12. AdmiralClean

    Rotary marketing.

    I only rotary my brother in laws house.
  13. AdmiralClean

    Butler Vehicle Selection

    I don't think I have ever seen "competitive pricing" and Butler used in the same sentence before.
  14. AdmiralClean

    Whats your flow ?

    6 02 jets running 500 to 600 psi.
  15. AdmiralClean

    Whats Your Best Cheap Trick (carpet related)

    Showing up on time and no bait and switch.
  16. AdmiralClean

    WTF is Happening Here?

    Sounds reasonable.
  17. AdmiralClean

    Apex or Cleanco 47?

    I don't trust that machine. It's WAY to early to tell if it's going to be a dependable unit (especially now that they've "improved" it). I don't want to be a test dummy.
  18. AdmiralClean

    Apex or Cleanco 47?

    When I consider PTO units, it seems to come down to a choice between good heat (at high flow) or space. You can't have both. Cleanco and Hydramaster give you space, but you can't get heat at 12 flow. Butler gives you heat at high flow(if Saiger isn't lying) but no space.
  19. AdmiralClean

    iicrc what a worthless pos orginization!

    I've been at this game for 27 years. These same issues have been present in the IICRC for the entire 27 years. It never changes or gets better.
  20. AdmiralClean

    What Do Ya Think About A Message BEFORE Answering The Phone

    Is English a second language for you?
  21. AdmiralClean

    What Do Ya Think About A Message BEFORE Answering The Phone

    I'd hang up. But I'm old and grouchy.
  22. AdmiralClean

    Sapphire 570 SS owners...

    Someone is confused.
  23. AdmiralClean

    Carpet cleaner at Sam's

    I'm certain all those redneck living in that hell hole called Nebraska love that watermelon prespray. Send them a Moon Pie with the thank you card.
  24. AdmiralClean

    Sapphire 570 SS owners...

    I've always thought these over-engineered machines like the Sapphires and Prochems are over-built. I don't think I have ever read a thread regarding a SS TM that wasn't filled with questions regarding some issue or another that needed attention. I'm certain they are wonderful machines when...