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  1. goomer

    New Roto 6.6" motors

    What's the deal with these? Cliff's stated motor specs seem a little suspect.
  2. goomer

    Anyone rebuild a Cat 1XP pump yet?

    New seals and valves? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
  3. goomer

    PSI gauge options Mytee

    Any recommendations for a solid aftermarket psi gauge that can be used on a 500psi Mytee unit? Zero to 1200++ psi. gauge.
  4. goomer

    Porty plug location mod

    Something I have been dying to do for a looooooonnnngggg time now on both my OG Mytee M5 and my Speedster 1005. Being a porty operator who still relies on rear bucket dumping and frequently moving my machine, having to move the wires to the side before dumping too often, and always running over...
  5. goomer

    Waste tank lid seals

    Any options other than stock "seals". Mytee lists parts.......................... Mine was just a length of round thin diameter rubber gasket materiel cut to length and crudely glued down into a thin channel, not a solid flat gasket like G091. Once the glue fails the seal will often...
  6. goomer

    By the numbers.......6.6"LX vs 8.4" in series

    "All I have seen is the raw 8.4" Nautilus data based on whatever 8.4" motor they are using. 8.4" In series.............142 cfm and 235 lift.... -83cfm +55lift 6.6" LX in series........225 cfm and 180 lift....+83cfm -55 lift This is where any comparison must begin......and I know these...
  7. goomer

    Vac Upgrade Kits Mytee 6.6

  8. goomer

    Mytee LX 6.6" upgrade kit update...

    Sorry guys...I felt the need to hold my LTD upgrade kits back for a short time so I could address something that I was uncomfortable with. VENTILATION If there was one thing that was going to come back to bite me in the ass, it was going to be the fooking ventilation. The rear motor runs...
  9. goomer

    Craigslist update

    I strongly advise anyone advertising on Craigslist to pay 5.00 for a new ad ASAP. I have been watching my ads since the change in policy, and noticed they all remained active. Also, searching based on date, no competitor posted any new ones either. Everything seemed to just be in limbo...
  10. goomer

    More 6.6" adapter kits..........

    I am almost finished with a different set of adapters for many other older Mytee units that previously had twin 5.7" motors that are mounted on a manifold plate as shown in pic........Will be able to retrofit Mytee LX 6.6" motors in series on many other twin 5.7" machines......more info to...
  11. goomer

    Who has a Mytee M5?

    Yea......those big heavy fookers. Who still has one? I am not looking to purchase one, but interested in who still has one.
  12. goomer

    Vac upgrade candidates submit pics....

    To end any further mental masturbation over what vac upgrade choices there are for the many lesser known units, I ask anyone interested in pursuing any potential vac upgrades for their machines to submit detailed pics of the internals. Personally, I know every inch of the Mytee machines I have...
  13. goomer

    Escape ETM internals

    Anyone have, or able to get me some pics of the insides of one? Thanks
  14. goomer

    Sparky's favorite wire splices

    What's your favorite connector/technique for splicing together 2 bare wire ends? Vac/pump wires??
  15. goomer

    More 5.7 vs. 6.6 ...........................

    Some more points to anyone still indecisive on whether 6.6" vacs are the way to go. Especially to anyone who has had their fair share of 5.7" motors over the years, and has never actually had a 6.6 motor in their hands. When you have a 6.6" in your hands, you can't help but to notice how solid...
  16. goomer

    Stand for opening clamshell units

    What are you guys using to support the top-half of the machine when fully opened on Mytee and similar units? Nice tight front wheel locks are definitely a necessity.
  17. goomer

    Kit for upgrading under-tank Mytee 5.7" vacs to 6.6"

    How many here would be interested in a kit that consisted of a mounting plate adapter and the hardware necessary to easily upgrade twin parallel 5.7" vac motors to twin 6.6 parallel motors on any Mytee machine with the vacs mounted in parallel underneath the tank, if one was to exist? Anyone?
  18. goomer

    5.7" vac motor mount hole pattern template

    Anyone have a 5.7" vac motor mount hole pattern template? Printable? I seem to remember one somewhere?? Anyone?? Anyone??
  19. goomer

    Oreck pads, brushes and bonnets

    There always seem to be a lot of varied opinions about what Oreck accessories are "best". I know experience can vary, but here is my opinion on the matter. Like many other things, what is "best" for a particular application is often made for that specific application. If your straight...
  20. goomer

    Anyone??? Anyone???

    Let's all play a little game and finally get this straight.......... Anyone?? Anyone?? Anyone??
  21. goomer

    Cat 1XP pumps

    Troubleshooting a Pumptec 205 on another thread made me realize how important it is to be familiar with your porty pump system. With having to fix and rebuild 205 pump and motor sets more times than I would have liked, I was pretty confident that any future issue I might have would be able to...
  22. goomer

    Securing solution line to vac hose

    I have considered it before, but never really figured if there was a best way to do it. The context is when using a porty with ones standard 20-25ft hose set. What I am trying to remedy, is the tangling and crossing of solution line with the vac line, and to make hose layout adjustments...
  23. goomer

    Aftermarket APO install bulkhead fittings

    What hose parts/fittings are best to use to run a APO line through the bottom of a waste tank? What size bulkhead fittings?
  24. goomer

    New Mytee 1005DX Speedster weight.

    How much does it weigh? Conflicting information out there.
  25. goomer


    Newbies start here...................... To properly utilize available electrical outlets with portable equipment, and to minimize blowing breakers and fuses, I find it important to emphasize the importance of knowing which cord runs which components, and what the total amp draw of each cord...