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  1. PistolPete

    Seized titan 575 blower

    Do a Google search on disassemble roots blowers, tons of info
  2. PistolPete

    Seized titan 575 blower

    Was it under water? Looks pretty bad to me.
  3. PistolPete

    How was your March?

    I only do T&G and showers so I don't have room pricing, it's all sq ft. I'm in N Florida.
  4. PistolPete


    Sounds like chicken sh!t to me
  5. PistolPete

    Ever got cited for illegal dumping of waste water?

    Technically the waste water is owned by the customer too...
  6. PistolPete

    Dark tile, left visibble marks

    What type of floor is that? I've never seen a spinner scratch a tile?
  7. PistolPete

    How was your March?

    I'm slammed. March was off the chain, April was 100% booked by middle of March. Now booking mid May...crazy. I raised my prices and am batting at 8 out 10 estimates.
  8. PistolPete

    Carpet cleaning slip & falls

    It's a high bar to prove negligence which is the standard that has to be met for a successful slip n fall lawsuit. I would presume that unless the customer didn't know you were there cleaning, they would have a hard time claiming that they didn't know the floors would be wet during cleaning...
  9. PistolPete

    Unique business situation, how much should I ask to sell?

    There are formulas for calculating a business value. Basically it's worth almost nothing unless you have employees and high sales volume.
  10. PistolPete

    New to Carpet cleaning. Could use someone to bounce some ideas off of

    Too many variables to give an answer. There are tons of posts on here discussing different methods for pricing. It varies by region, market and clientele.
  11. PistolPete

    How much traffic are you getting from Google my business?

    Don't know what the Google 3 pack is LOL! All I know is I put a lot of keywords in the website text and focus on getting Google reviews. Also cross linking with Facebook, YouTube and Next-door has helped. I don't really have time to dig into the analytics, all I know is on my contact form 'How...
  12. PistolPete

    The Real Threat to America. Totally unpartisan post!

    It's funny how for generations getting a spanking worked fine. Of course there were outliers of abuse but for most of us we knew we deserved it when we got it, and it was effective. Now we have kids who act crazy, and when called out by a teacher, the parent complains to the school.
  13. PistolPete

    How would you clean this tile?

    Or do a scrape test with a flat razor scraper. Either one will reveal the dreaded mop n glo...
  14. PistolPete

    Laminate floor cleaning

    Zep neutral floor cleaner at 2oz / gallon works great too!
  15. PistolPete

    Will you require your employees to take the rona vax?

    Meanwhile in Europe they've halted using one of the vaccines, but yeah just tin hat theories...
  16. PistolPete

    Texting Software

    I use Google voice for the business number. I can call and text from the app and it comes up as the biz on the customer's caller ID
  17. PistolPete

    How to Land More Jobs

    Sales Rule #7 Establish a rapor with the customer.
  18. PistolPete

    How to start a carpet cleaning business

    Any service based business is essentially the same. When you're starting out, you're in the marketing business. Doing the work, whatever it is, is easy. Getting the work is what separates winners from losers.
  19. PistolPete

    Why Most Carpet Cleaning Businesses Fail While Others Succeed?

    I get asked for biz cards all the time from people walking their dogs past my van. I don't have it wrapped, just business name and phone number.
  20. PistolPete

    Client accusing carpet cleaner of theft

    I agree with telling the customer to file a police report. My business is worth way more than a couple of hundred bucks from a cheap gold ring.
  21. PistolPete

    Best shower cleaning chemicals

    Zep Acid Toilet Bowl cleaner. Mixed 50/50 with water. Get a doodle scrub pad on a pole and agitate. May take a couple of applications. Don't use it on stone!
  22. PistolPete

    6 weeks in, need more customers

    I worked a couple of part time jobs while I was getting started. It sure helps to not feel completely useless when there's nothing going on with business. Personally, I give credit to the Lord, because He has certainly blessed me! The biggest job I ever did came from someone seeing my van. I got...
  23. PistolPete

    If you're not color sealing, you're missing out on easy $ and ecstatic customers

    If its properly applied then you can clean it with HWE just fine. No need for high pressure. I was leary of color sealing too, but I've learned it's a great option for stained or discolored grout. If the homeowner has used a very strong bleach solution then the grout can be all jacked up. Or if...
  24. PistolPete

    What types of insurance do you carry?

    Slip and fall hazard liability. Like window cleaners who are told not to get on a ladder! Lol. I splashed acid on a stainless steel refrigerator and had to buy a new door. My insurance would have covered it but I paid out of pocket. Lesson learned #rookiemistakes