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  1. Ryankettering

    New weekly podcast is up: Keeping Positive

    Just wanted to let you guys know I really enjoyed recording the latest podcast with Ty Cranmore @212.0 about keeping positive through out the day & when you get less then anticipated results in sales and marketing. This one is a little different than our previous ones. You will love it though...
  2. Ryankettering

    VLM'ers urine set up

  3. Ryankettering

    Video about OP machine pad selection

    Brace yourself.. it's 5 min and kinda boring, but I think it will be helpful to those of you just starting out with OP cleaning :)
  4. Ryankettering


    A while back I posted about trying to build my credit. Just wanted to update. I went from 450 to 750 in a couple years. I still have a crazy high car note rate but planning to replace with a lower one soon. I started with $300 credit limit and now have $15000 limit on 2 Capitol one cards. It's...
  5. Ryankettering

    Interview with Dave Gill for those who missed him at the Experience

    Hey guys here is the new podcast episode with Dave Gill, Ty Cranmore ( @212.0 ) and myself. The connection was a little touchy at times, but it clears right back up. What we are talking about in this episode is building your business and reputation by being a service to your customers, a...
  6. Ryankettering

    Sneak peek of Dave Gill interview

    Ryankettering submitted a new resource: Sneak peek of Dave Gill interview - Sneak peek of Dave Gill interview Read more about this resource...
  7. Ryankettering

    Just got on Cardone University!

    Hey guys. Just figured I'd share that I purchased Cardone University. I am going through it now and I would encourage any one that doesn't know Grant Cardone to at least listen to his free materials on YouTube and if you are inclined, grab the 10X Rule audio for about $20. This book is what...
  8. Ryankettering

    How I encap steps

    How you find this helpful, this is how I currently encap stairs with the Oreck orbiter.
  9. Ryankettering

    Ryan & Ty Interview with Zac Presnell

    Ryankettering submitted a new resource: Ryan & Ty Interview with Zac Presnell - EZmarketingBlog podcast Episode 2 on getting commercial work Read more about this resource...
  10. Ryankettering

    snip of new podcast

    Ryankettering submitted a new resource: snip of new podcast - snip of new podcast Read more about this resource...
  11. Ryankettering

    Taste of this weeks podcast with Ty and Zac

    I'll be dropping this one this week. Ty Cranmore and Zac Presnell. SO SICK... you have to check this one out.. @212.0 @Presidential Cleaning
  12. Ryankettering

    My new PODCAST! Sneak peak interview with Ty Cranmore

    The Ty Cranmore @212.0 interview! You are gonna love this.. make sure you listen to the whole thing.. the last half of the podcast we get into direct marketing. Let me know if you like my intro music :) You can listen on your computer, phone, tablet, or your nextel 2-way pager...
  13. Ryankettering

    I will be in AZ mar 31st-apr 6th, love to meet!

    What's up homies! I know I have not been posting as much. Sorry :( Anyways.. I will be in Surprise AZ 31st -4/6. All business no fun, so I would love to meet you when I am out there if you are in that area. I am going to the Icon conference 31st-2nd if anyone wants to go with me.
  14. Ryankettering

    301 Redirects - You will love these!

    Just wanted to give you guys a tip. This wordpress plugin allows you to use 301 redirects to make any url go anywhere! For instance: forwards to: That...
  15. Ryankettering

    Thinking of getting the black friday deal mytee steamer for home and work

    Thinking of getting this to use mostly at home to clean stove, shower, toilets etc. It's only $260 on black friday. What else can I clean with it? hardwood floors? Someone told me maybe small t&g jobs (like your 2nd floor 5x8 bathrooms) Good buy?
  16. Ryankettering

    Responding to Customer Email Quotes

    How do you guys respond to email quotes? does anyone use a template they have come up with? this is my typical email, I am curious as to how you guys respond. I would like to have my whole house cleaned. It has four bedrooms, a family room and living room. I would also like a quote on stairs...
  17. Ryankettering

    Cimex - can it go faster?

    I wish cimex had a turbo mode. why does the head rotate so slow? It seems to me that a cimex could run safely at 1.5-2X it's current speed. And possibly then clean faster? Does anyone know if there is a reason that it wouldn't work?
  18. Ryankettering

    If I could create an OP machine...

    these manufactures need to step up their game son...
  19. Ryankettering

    If you want to know what to get me for Christmas..

    I'm kinda obsessed with kidrobot.. Just in case I am on anyone's Christmas giving list ;) lol
  20. Ryankettering

    Do you guys answer your phone or what?

    I just got a call by a customer 40 miles from me. I told him he is outside of my service area sorry. I then immediately looked on tmf to see who was near him. I called 2 cleaners to give them the guys number. No answer from either. Both NOT professional sounding voice mails. What the heck...
  21. Ryankettering

    is anyone else's gmail not working?

  22. Ryankettering

    Finally a vacation :)

    Hi guys, Just wanted to say I'm going on vacation :) I will be on a cruise hitting Mexico, Belize, and Honduras. I will be unavailable from 10/5-10/12 and limited availability the day before and after due to travel. Just figured I'd make sure if anyone tries to contact me they know I am not...
  23. Ryankettering

    Where can I buy garden hose to quick connect adaptor?

    Am I stupid? I looked online a bunch and searched here too and couldn't find something definitive. I went to Home Depot and brought a quick connect with me and the threads weren't lining up with any of the adaptors?? Does anyone have a link where I can buy what I need to connect a solution line...
  24. Ryankettering

    Selling encapsulation - "bad habits"

    It's occurred to me that many cleaners seem to be making the main selling point of encapsulation cleaning about price. I don't think this is a good way to sell it at all. Just trying to help break some bad habits.. Think about the amazon kindle vs ipad tv ads- Amazon says all the great things...
  25. Ryankettering

    PLEASE backup your website now... I got hacked!

    picking up the pieces of my websites. I seemed to have saved my site.. I have to dig a little deeper into that one to make sure it's good. At this point I have been working on my site for the better part of the day.. I hope to have it up by Monday again.. I...