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  1. Will Reed

    Help with bad wick back

    This carpet was spotless when I left. The next day it looks worse then it did before I cleaned it. I noticed that when I went over this part of the carpet there was a lot of soap residue from previous cleanings, probably from a DIY renter. It is obvious to me that there was a really nasty...
  2. Will Reed

    Customer was quoted no more then $200, carpet cleaner shows up and says $620.

    Customer called me today asking for help after the CC he called did what seems to be a bait and switch. He said they were given an estimate that should not be more then $200 tops, but in person it became $620. I have this job scheduled for today (5/8/2015) and gave a phone quote of $180 based...
  3. Will Reed

    On going customer service log with EZ truck mounts

    I've had a cracked exhaust pipe now since July of 2014. It is now completely broken. The TM is loud as hell and I have 0 heat. This is simply going to be a log of the communications. 3/23 Talked to Jay, Nick's main garage guy about the pipe problem. I originally mentioned this problem...
  4. Will Reed

    Initial impressions of Housecall Pro vs Service Monster

    I mean this with constructive criticism to show areas of improvement from a long time SM user. I would like to use Housecall Pro as my main platform, but I can't right now in its current state. I'll start with pricing. SM is I think $80/month. I'm paying $50/month since I've been with them...
  5. Will Reed

    Would you pay $175 a month for 2 full page color ads in the phone book? I would and I did.

    Dex phone book which seems to be the best one. More details when I get home.
  6. Will Reed

    Had someone posing as the IRS attempting to scam me today.

    Whoever it was knew I owned a business, the name of it, and said that an audit was done on my filing and that I owed back taxes and penalties. That I needed to come up with $500 today in order to keep an arrest warrant being issued and financial accounts from being seized and frozen. When I...
  7. Will Reed

    Which winter was/is worse 2014 or 2015?

    2014 was pretty harsh I remember. 2015 has been really bad if you are in the eastern half of the US, super mild if you are in the west side. For western Montana it has been the warmest winter in over 10 years for me. All the weather systems come in from Siberia and plow through the great...
  8. Will Reed

    Amtex portable or portable extractor?

    Just thinking down the road here. Looking at either the Amtex portable or the 4 corded Goliath portable for WDR jobs. The amtex could pinch substitute for carpet cleaning if I needed it too I guess if I have a break down. Just looking at extraction options for an eventual 2nd WDR van. I'd...
  9. Will Reed

    Water damage lead company

    911's business developer referred me to these guys and I signed up with them and should be going live by end of the week. I guess other 911 franchisees have had good success with them. This is the short and sweet of it. They have about 50 websites to catch customers looking for a restoration...
  10. Will Reed

    Today only, Legal Zoom 15% code 2/16/2015

    President at checkout.
  11. Will Reed

    Does your TM have safety settings to prevent you from burning up your water pump?

    I've burned the valves on my EZ TM at least 4 times now and its becoming an issue. Recently I'm not sure if my lack of water pressure problems is caused from intermittent cold, sediment build up, something else or water pump and valves again. I have a local garage where I've taken my TM in to...
  12. Will Reed

    Best all around machine(s) for commercial and resiential encap?

    So it seems it is down to 3 machines? Hos Orbot Trinity Minimax I am asking because I will definitely be offering encap for the 2015 season. I've already got a commercial account that agreed to $2000 2x a year cleanings so the machine will pay for itself with just that one account this year...
  13. Will Reed

    Portable Vs TM for WDR?

    Any opinions on this? Seems to me that having a TM isn't as important here because your not cleaning, just removing water then drying. Fans and Dehus would take care of whatever is left after extraction. If doing a lot of extraction setting up a portable sounds like it could save a few hours...
  14. Will Reed

    Flying down to Los Angeles today to buy a WDR franchise

    I will be purchasing a franchise tomorrow for my area. WDR is my next big step out. After attending Connections at Las Vegas last year and meeting and talking with a lot of people I knew that WDR would be my next big venture. In my local area there is a ServPro...
  15. Will Reed

    The motors behind the Velocity Tech machine and their setup.

    Albert used Electro Motors F052 and F033 for his motors set in a 3x2 format with 052 in front backed up by 033s. Both are dual stage motors. Albert believed that it is better to use dual stage motors instead of 3 stage motors when you have 4 or more motors for the increased CFM. Once you...
  16. Will Reed

    This one is for Deron, Midget fighting!

  17. Will Reed

    What is the WDR TMF website?

    I forgot it.
  18. Will Reed

    Credit Card processing rates? Pretty happy with mine but always looking

    I recently switched from Squared to Payfox. Both used my Android tablet for processing. My android tablet is a 10.2" Samsung which isn't compatible with a card swiper. Because of that I have to key in every card which for Squared put me at 3.5%? At the minimum it was 2.75% if I swiped the...
  19. Will Reed

    What is the average ticket price and average number of jobs in this WDR?

    I know the ticket prices will vary wildly from a few $100 to tens of thousands. I am seriously looking at a WDR franchise right now and am doing my research. Just have no idea what the jobs are like when it comes to this yet.
  20. Will Reed

    Saphire 1200 on Ebay ending today with 197 hours, current bid 7300

    I'm sure the price will run up heading into the final hour but this is a steal atm.
  21. Will Reed

    One year EZ TM 40/47 review

    Ok I've had my EZ TM for just over a year now. I have a H/X based model for the heat. 47 blower provides great CFM and suction. 40HP motor with Nick's H/X provides great heat. While I don't have a thermometer at my wand I would guess it holds about 200-220 with an 8 flow wand of consistent...
  22. Will Reed

    You just submitted a large commercial bid, which of these two responses do you NOT want to hear

    I've submitted bids on two large commercial jobs and didn't get either of them. I would rather only work what I feel that I'm worth then to low ball myself.
  23. Will Reed

    If you can find somone that has their sh** together even half as much as you....

    If you can find someone that has their shit together even half as much and they are even half as good as yourself you would hire them? I sure as hell would.
  24. Will Reed

    Honestly I've heard more customers being skeptical of VLM compared to HWE cleaning.

    I know that VLM only carpet cleaners main selling point is to bash HWE cleaning method(s). I'm not starting a HWE vs VLM thread as I am looking at adding VLM to my lineup. Most of my customers and one of the local PMs here have specifically stated they were not interested in VLM cleaning...