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  1. rugslayer

    Older Prochem Machines

    I have an older Prochem Bearcat Catalytic that is now pushing 8000 hrs.- after a serious cleanup, restructuring of rotted frame and a few grand she is treating me OK over the past several years. The radiator had (and still has) an intermittent leak, and today (Halloween) I seized the opportunity...
  2. rugslayer

    Paying sales tax on resale items

    Has anybody found information on exemption of sales tax payment on re-sale items? I have found a form REV 1220 for Pennsylvania but am not clear as to some of the information on it. I am trying to figure out why I pay more in taxes (property, school, sales, income, etc.) than I am able to make...
  3. rugslayer

    Fecal and urine contamination level

    I had an occurrence yesterday that is familiar to any veteran of the trade. Here is the key and address. Re-feral from Realtor who had switched to another company. Price? My work is excellent and value of service oriented. Too inexpensive to live on at times. The other cleaner had been there...
  4. rugslayer

    Moving and want to keep same phone number

    I am certain some of you have been through the dilemma of moving out of your immediate area but are still servicing the area and want to keep your same phone number. I have Verizon, but it appears they are not available where I am moving to. Magic Jack is an option, but I would appreciate any...
  5. rugslayer

    Advertising Scammers

    Beware of Advanced Media Publications and more recently Coast to Coast Publishing Group. I believe they are one in the same, masquerading as Golf and Leisure or similar identities making promises that never transpire. I received a call earlier today fro what was verbally identified first as a...
  6. rugslayer

    New to this forum

    Hello new and old colleagues. My wife and I operate out of Upper Bucks County PA and have been in business since 2003. I have posted on ICS and the recoil board and this board appears to be another great asset to educating myself on floor and carpet care. I enjoy a number of very skilled...