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  1. Mike Krall

    N00b polishing concrete questions?

    Can a quality job be done with diamond pads and a 175? Can I F up the concrete? Will the concrete have less traction when wet? This spot is outdoors but covered by a roof. Does it need to be sealed afterwards? What's a typical sq' charge?
  2. Mike Krall

    Anyone use Hot Stuff Stripper? I forgot, but someone posted about it recently and the stuff says it can strip 30 coats at once! Yeah I realize the too good to be true notion. Anyway, if anyone knows where to buy it from or has used it let me know. I tried contacting them...
  3. Mike Krall

    Blue Book for costs?

    I was doing a little messing around on google over a Snickers bar and came across some info that there's a labor cost blue book out there for all areas of the country. Supposedly has them, but I couldn't locate info about it from their website. Does anyone know about this book?
  4. Mike Krall

    Who got snow buried?

    @shane deubell ?!?!? Yesterday green fields, today this:
  5. Mike Krall

    NCL 24-7? I see a lot of you use their other wax. I was wondering if any of you use their new 24-7 wax which they claim will hold up from 18 to 36 months. I've looked at their other products before, but I never see any solids % listed so I'm kind of skeptical.
  6. Mike Krall

    Tolerable "V8" recipe?

    Made with whole vegetables and won't cause me to gag? Trying to get mushrooms, red peppers, onions, kale, spinach and some grains in a veggie shake. Always tastes vile. Note sure what the best base to mix it with either besides water. Any suggestions?
  7. Mike Krall

    Kettle bells or dumb bells?

    I'm looking to buy 1 or the other and just wondering if one is superior to the other. It seems obvious that both are weights but reading up on the bells makes them sound like they provide a better results.
  8. Mike Krall

    How to remove backing from sheet vinyl?

    I got a little carried away at my house removing some vinyl flooring. The heat gun went down through all 4 layers so I was able to tear up all 4 sheets pretty easy. But the 1st layer which is at least 30 years old has some kind of black felt backing sitting on top of hardwood. It's not coming...
  9. Mike Krall

    Please recommend a marble bath sealer

    I don't do this kind of work and it's for a customer of mine. He wants to seal his newly installed marble bath floor, shower walls. Thanks.
  10. Mike Krall

    Anyone use Diversey Easy Paks?

    Or something similar for mopping? I want to simplify things this year, but not sure which of the 2 I should go with:
  11. Mike Krall

    Training material, do you use it?

    Looking for advice if so on what you include for materials. Building layouts with routes for employees to follow? A separate procedure manual for cleaning guidelines? Guides for chemicals and what they are for? I'm looking to expand and I want to start getting a duplicateable process going...
  12. Mike Krall

    CPL vrs CRB

    Results wise can a CRB with the right brush produce the same results as a CPL? I never used a CPL so I don't even know what they are capable of other then just lifting the pile. Would I be able to add some more wow to carpets after cleaning with a CPL? Thanks and Happy New Year!
  13. Mike Krall

    Ah technolgy...

    NSFW NSF your children... :smuggrin:
  14. Mike Krall

    Red stain with a twist of lime removal?

    So customer played chemist. Spilled red wine on new carpet. Proceeded to try Dawn, then vinegar and then lime juice to remove it. I was planning to attack it with Avenge Pro, but the added chemicals already present concerns me. Should it worry me? Should I extract first to remove the...
  15. Mike Krall

    Purple PVC primer removal

    from fairly fresh and allegedly sealed concrete? Anyone have an ideas on how to remove it? Just looked at the job, tried to rub it clean with a microfiber but it didn't budge. GC says it's sealed and it does have a bit of topical shine to it. Not sure if it was sealed over the primer or if the...
  16. Mike Krall

    Janitorial employees, pay them by the...

    Hour, job, IQ level, what say you? I've always paid by the hour. It usually works out well, but sometimes you end up with a slow poke or a person that can't tell time, etc. The main reason why I'm making this post is a few of my last hires kind of complain about this. They want to be paid the...
  17. Mike Krall

    Please explain this hacking stuff to me?

    So the dems are saying Trump won because the Russians hacked the election. During this vote recount business though judges have said there was no evidence of votes being hacked and some threw the recount out. Are the dems trying to say the actual voting process was rigged by none other then...
  18. Mike Krall

    What brand parts fit the TM4 CRB?

    Mine is the Austrian made 'Arnie' Signature series. The brand just says 'Carpet Cleaner America" on the tag. It has a black brush, but it's soft which is odd because everyone here says those are supposed to be the stiff ones. A google search says the parts from, Prochem fit, but their...
  19. Mike Krall

    Colored LED lights for wet location?

    Does anyone know anything about installing those color changing LED lighting systems? I want to put some in a bathroom I'm renovating and am not really clear on them. Also could use some advice on which types of tiles I should use for inside the shower :)
  20. Mike Krall

    Prochem advenger 450

    I'm posting this for @dave40 as he couldn't create this: Anybody know anything about prochem advenger 450 I have a chance to get this unit for about $3000 the engine has been changed on it it's a Honda 21 hp 300 hours the Bloor is about three years old and the pump is also three years old I was...
  21. Mike Krall

    Extended sick time employees?

    Anyone know how to handle employees that are going to be out extended times for surgeries and recovery? I have 2 at the same time that will be out for months if not possibly longer. They will far exceed the sick time they are allotted which would trigger a firing, but that's too cruel for me...
  22. Mike Krall

    Cops pull you over on the passenger side now?

    just got a ticket for license plate bulb out and another for license plate bracket that the dealer put on. Court for both lol. More bizarre then that is as I waited with my drivers window down, hands on the wheel in a shopping plaza the cop came around to the passenger side and opened my...
  23. Mike Krall

    Holy cow autonomous snow blower!

    Oh yeah it'll do the lawn and rake the leafs too!
  24. Mike Krall

    Cimex swirls

    On higher pile commercial carpet the Cimex will leave swirls from either the brush or pads. I know why this is happening, but is there anyway to easily remove them after the carpet dries? I typically have to break out the CRB to remove them. Vacuuming takes eons to remove them.
  25. Mike Krall

    Urine on upholstery removal

    We don't do much residential so I don't come across urine often. I have a polyurethane chair with 2" thick pad covered in human urine. I extracted with Bio Break and then treated with Urine Stain Remover 2x so far. Chair still stinks bad. I'm wondering if this is the same kind of secanrio you...