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  1. emeraldclean

    Colorado low ... snow and more snow

    @Jose Holguin K enough already.... you sent us this shart show full of snow lol!
  2. emeraldclean

    Let it snow , let it snow .. let it snow

    Cruising side streets in town today on the Polaris!
  3. emeraldclean

    Bridgepoints Flex Ice impressed the hell out of me today

    Long time repeat. Fairly soiled as always white berber carpet. Been cleaning this carpet for 15 yrs. Always got wick back sometimes not too bad sometimes a fair amount. Would always touch up spots the next day with a heavy spray of acid rinse in pump up and just vac off. Even when I cleaned the...
  4. emeraldclean

    Do you offer payment programs / postdated cheque , run CC later?

    We all like to be paid in full after job ( residential) is complete right?! Did a job yesterday that came to $440 after intiial walk through to evaluate price. Nice lady and a repeat. Was more than she budgeted for as August she said is a tough month bill wise. I offered to accept 1/2 today...
  5. emeraldclean

    Scorpion rod with Octopus air whip in action ( duct cleaning)

    Fairly dirty system . House was 40 yrs old and ventilation never cleaned. Negative air hooked up to cold air main ductwork and scorpion rod system with octopus whip in action ran off 175 PSI compressor. Main duct work was about 20 ft long as house wasn't large (1050 sq ft bungalow). This is...
  6. emeraldclean

    Landed a big one!

    Lake Sturgeon up here at Nutimik lake Whiteshell Provincial Park Manitoba Canada. Watching Stanley Cup Playoffs having a beer(s) and doing a little fishing off my dock. Took 20 mins to play this one out . About 25 lbs. Caught 8:00 pm Central time . 12 pound test line. Catch and then released...
  7. emeraldclean

    I.D this chair I just cleaned ?... also tell me your cleaning process!

    Been in the industry since April of 1986. Seen a number of these chairs , sofa's etc with THIS FIBRE. This particular chair was purchased in the late 60's. Just finished cleaning it . Cat urine on the side of chair too. Here is a picture before I started cleaning . I will post more pics and...
  8. emeraldclean

    Stupid weather!

    Got a cold front that came in. Last week it was beautifully warm. Even hit 95F on the 4th of May. I will need to heat boxtruck tonight as the low will be -5 C ( mid 20's F). Oh well couple days of this crap and it warms up next week to seasonal temps.
  9. emeraldclean

    Who else gets 2-5 calls a day from 800# US/India /Russia etc

    Now I just don't answer them ( call display on my cell) but must get 15-20 a week. I block out the # but still doesn't seem to do anything. I have voicemail so if it something/someone legit there will be a message. With these questionable # no message which is great but the calls are annoying...
  10. emeraldclean

    Where can I buy dripless Vee jets?

    Hi Guys and Gals. Looking for top quality V jet with screen/ spring and little ball bearing for my Devpro. I want 4 1/8 inch 9002 . My Devpro came with dripless V jets . I was cleaning them yesterday and two of the screens were damaged . I like the dripless ones for obvious reason. Or... is...
  11. emeraldclean

    The "Ductor" is in!

    Many of you know that a big part of my revenue comes from furnace and duct cleaning. I'm 90% residential with this service. Our homes up here in Manitoba Canada are what I call " Cleaner friendly" . Most homes have full basements ( some 4 ft crawl spaces but not alot) and easily accessible main...
  12. emeraldclean

    Do you carpet clean many basement recroom areas ?

    Just finished up a recroom and a set of stairs. Cleaned pretty much wall to wall with tabbing and blocking. Had 150 ft of hoses out and do notice a difference in vacuum when cleaning below the truckmount. My blower is a 4007 ( approx.400 CFM) . Also it's APITA doing staircases when hoses are...
  13. emeraldclean

    Got a new helper today!

    Went outside and a young Whitetail Doe wanted to help me today. Was working in a town 35 miles away from mine. Town of Pinawa Manitoba is loaded with deer. They are actually a nuisance to the town folk. Summertime you have to put a fence around your garden otherwise the deer will graze on it...
  14. emeraldclean

    Who's watching BarrettJackson ?

    Man some beauties as always . Just watched Andrew Ladd the Captain of the NHL Winnipeg Jets buy a sweet 1967 Corvette for 100K. The NHL is on the All Star Break. Guess Andrew Ladd took the 5 day break in the hockey schedule to buy a classic .
  15. emeraldclean

    Pump on fuel tap went out today

    Get to first job and go to start up my Titan 575. It runs for about 10 seconds and then stalls out. At first I thought I left the choke open , but no I didn't. Wouldn't turn over .. could tell engine wasn't getting fuel. Scratched my head a bit and then started trouble shooting. Put a little...
  16. emeraldclean

    Couldn't work today!

    Man did we get a good dumping of snow over the last 24 hrs. Now crazy wind and blowing snow. Had a big job on today but needed to rebook it until next week. Highway driving is not advised and I won't chance putting the boxtruck in the ditch. Been very mild up my way and no snow. Now I hate...
  17. emeraldclean

    103rd Grey Cup and I will be there!

    CFL football ( Canadian Football League). Edmonton Eskimos vs Ottawa Redblacks @ 5 pm at Investors Field in Winnipeg Manitoba. Big national event up here in the Great White North. I'm going to have a great time today. Going with a few buddy's and starting off with breakfast and then tailgate...
  18. emeraldclean

    Anybody clean a Lonseal floor?

    Did some work at a dentist office today. Carpets , reception chairs and some T&G. Everything came up great. While we were there the office manager asked if we could clean the floor in the dental operatory area. It's a vinyl floor and has only just been moped by the janitorial staff. Took some...
  19. emeraldclean

    Nasty restaurant carpets by our standards

    Very small area but filthy. Approximately 325 sq ft. Greasy spoon and new owners called us out to do our best. Prevac then Presprayed with Chemspec Enz-all boosted with Flex with Citrus solv. Took the 175 to it and then TM cleaned with an acid rinse metered at 2.5 GPH @ 500 psi Lightning is a...
  20. emeraldclean


    Well it's 5 pm somewhere! Banged off a couple of jobs and then hit the lake. Going to be a hot weekend. Loads of water sports and soaking up the sun. Down to the last two weekends of sun and fun at the lake. After Labour day gets stupid busy. Start working Saturdays. Will be a crazy time in...
  21. emeraldclean

    On a family holiday ... thought I would check out the local Hydramaster auth service centre.

    We are in Fargo ND having a little family holiday . Kids are doing some back to school shopping at the mall with the wife. Thought I would duck out and check out the local HM authorized service centre here in Fargo. I have a Titan 575 and as luck would have it there was one being serviced at...
  22. emeraldclean

    How do I post a youtube video on TMF ?

    Can someone walk me through the procedure to post a Youtube video on TMF please.
  23. emeraldclean

    Couple of days off .... get some projects around the houses finished

    Decided to not work yesterday ( Weds) and also today. Been promising the wife a 10x10 backyard patio . We like to sit in the back and have a fire and roast marshmallows in the evening. Today , helper and I will head to lake and set up a patio sectional that will go on top of the boathouse...