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    Repair - been a while!

    What u got for sale
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    Repair - been a while!

    What’s tht tool called in the top left pic
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    Can groutmaster be used on travertine tile?
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    Non slip tile cleaning

    Why is a hydro force not recommended for non slip tile
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    Pre spray and rinse

    Have any of y’all used the saiger code red?
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    Pre spray and rinse

    I’m going with grout master w/citrussolve and alk rinse in one room and the flex powder and rinse with the flex ice in another room to see the comparison
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    Pre spray and rinse

    It’s commercial carpet, I have soft water,I normally clean at 230,400psi,and I have an oreck for agitation
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    Pre spray and rinse

    I have a nasty restaurant job coming up and with all the choices out there what is everyone’s best mix on a greasy restaurant?
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    Solution pump

    I’m new to operating my own machine trying to get learned up on proper Maintenance and tips and tricks
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    Solution pump

    Thanks bud
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    Solution pump

    Is there a video out there showing how to prime the solution pump with the vacuum hose?
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    Do any of y’all HWE rugs and if so what temp and psi do you use? It’s a natural fiber rug!
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    Air movers for sale

    Looking for air mover for sale
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    Looking Equipment for sale

    Needing air movers and water claw
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    carpet equipment for sale

    I’ll buy the fans and water claw call or text me 580-821-1263
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    Auto Detailing Checklist

    Why can’t I view this
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    Inline sprayer

    How much pressure and heat do you run on a in-line sprayer
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    2010 GMC Savana / El Diablo 1800 hrs $19000

    I’ll look on the up side I have a totally refurbished machine and all new equipment with a used van
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    2010 GMC Savana / El Diablo 1800 hrs $19000

    I new as soon as I bought a truck and machine I’d come across a better deal
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    2010 GMC Savana / El Diablo 1800 hrs $19000

    This pisses me off
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    Looking for a van

    Looking for a van in Oklahoma or Texas area
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    Who has a van for sale

    Looking for a used van near Oklahoma tht runs and drives good
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    Carpet cleaning technician classes

    I'm not seeing a carpet clean technician course
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    Carpet cleaning technician classes

    Are there any classes in the Dallas TX OKC OK area besides Jon don all their class don't start up till next year