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  1. ebarnett

    All Wheel Drive Cargo Vans Coming to Market!!

    This may not excite everyone, but in the hills of WV this is a God send: My Garage/shop is down a steep long driveway, one that I have to shovel every big snow to have any chance of...
  2. ebarnett

    Thick Grease Build Up in Grout Lines

    Got a restaurant to do that has in areas grease build up in the grout lines that are flush with the top of the tile. Any chemical / degreaser that would break that grease down before I use my spinner? Also need something somewhat low foam as grease foam is the worst.
  3. ebarnett

    Nobles Strive Battery Carpet Extractor for Sale

    We are selling our Nobles Strive Carpet Cleaning Machine. We used this in large commercial. Its a good extractor and has been well kept. It does need a new set of batteries. Local pickup in Morgantown, WV. Asking price $2000 (these retail new for about $12000) Private message me if interested.
  4. ebarnett

    Name Your Top Three Truckmount Manufacturers

    So much talk, good and bad, about machines. Based on your knowledge and experience, as well as machine reliability and customer service, who are your top three truckmount manufacturers?
  5. ebarnett

    I Love My Cimex!

    On the nasties, nothing scrubs better. I did pad with bonnets and my OP machine after I used the Cimex. But honestly after the Cimex got done with this floor there was little for the OP and bonnets to improve upon.
  6. ebarnett

    Why not Hide-a-hose?

    It seems most Truckmount guys separate their vac hose and solution hose. Why are hide-a-hose type combos not preferred? I would think easier hose/line management would be a big plus?
  7. ebarnett

    Orbot solution hose

    Does anybody know where i can get the solution line that runs from the 2.5 gallon jug to pump on the Orbot?
  8. ebarnett

    Rob (and other rug Gurus) - what do I need to get serious about rugs?

    So I've done area rugs over the years here and there. I've extracted with extracters, scrubbed with Cimex etc. but lately I've been getting more calls for rugs. Tomorrow I'm going to an upscale home to look at cleaning 10 large rugs. I usually take them back to the shop to clean, but I don't...
  9. ebarnett

    Butt load of Floor Chemical to the highest bidder.

    150 (5 gallon pales) of neutral floor cleaner and laminator / rejuvenator to the highest bidder. Bid ends 4/22/2015 at 12:00 pm EST. No minimum starting bid. Local pickup only in Morgantown WV.
  10. ebarnett

    Grease Hawg and Detonator to the rescue again!

    Actually brought in the Cimex to scrub in the prespray. Then padded with the Orbot.
  11. ebarnett

    Thoughts on Carpet Dyeing?

    What are your thoughts on Carpet Dyeing? Obviously a good deal of work would come from bleach spots. But I've seen a few businesses offering a complete carpet dyeing solution to restore uglied out carpet, completely change color, etc. do you think there is a good market for this? Maybe a...
  12. ebarnett

    Diversifying and Add ons...What Next?

    Ok. So here is a list of what I do and a breakdown of my current services: VCT care : 60% of my revenue Carpet Care : 30% of my revenue Ceramic Tile Care : 5% of my revenue Upholstery : 5% of my revenue First of all, the older I get the harder VCT is getting for me to do. I've been trying to...
  13. ebarnett

    Restaurants made easy with encap

    Restaurants grease has been a problem for encap since the beginning as most encappers can attest. For me, my results were always "just ok" when it came to encapping restaurants. It was frustrating to get the "wow" effect in most other commercial accounts only to be underwhelmed in a grease...
  14. ebarnett

    What is your furniture moving policy?

    When the customer asks "do you move furniture"? What is your reply? If you don't have a helper on the van what do you do about heavy furniture? Sent from my iPad using TMF Forums
  15. ebarnett

    Hot Knife Extreme - Review

    When Vacaway announced that they were going to improve their Hot Knife Encapsulation Cleaner, I was both excited and leery. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" has always been an adage that I have lived by. I have used Hot Knife for a while with great success, particularly in cleaning restaurants...
  16. ebarnett

    TMF Encap Pro - What's the Verdict?

    I see TMF has a new enap juice. Has anyone tried it? How does it compare with some of the other top encap products? If TMF Encap Pro is to carpet what TMF Tilemaster is to tile and grout, then Im super excited!
  17. ebarnett

    Tile and Grout Cart?

    Ok, so ive been recently doing some large jobs with tile and grout and have a decent setup, a 1200 psi extractor with auto dump and auto fill, hydroforce 12 spinner and tilemaster chemical (that stuff is really good by the way). My problem is hoses coming out the wazzuu. including the 2 power...