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    Non slip tile cleaning

    Why is a hydro force not recommended for non slip tile
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    Pre spray and rinse

    I have a nasty restaurant job coming up and with all the choices out there what is everyone’s best mix on a greasy restaurant?
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    Solution pump

    Is there a video out there showing how to prime the solution pump with the vacuum hose?
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    Do any of y’all HWE rugs and if so what temp and psi do you use? It’s a natural fiber rug!
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    Air movers for sale

    Looking for air mover for sale
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    Looking Equipment for sale

    Needing air movers and water claw
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    Inline sprayer

    How much pressure and heat do you run on a in-line sprayer
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    Looking for a van

    Looking for a van in Oklahoma or Texas area
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    Who has a van for sale

    Looking for a used van near Oklahoma tht runs and drives good
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    Carpet cleaning technician classes

    Are there any classes in the Dallas TX OKC OK area besides Jon don all their class don't start up till next year
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    Buying a carpet cleaning business

    Looking at buying a carpet cleaning business thts been open for 15 years! 2007 chevy van 120k miles Has a prochem Everest 3600 hrs (oil been changed every 100 hrs and other maintenance is up to date) water softener,60 gal wast tank, 250 vacuum and solution hoses,2 Wands,2 stair tools, upholstery...
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    Prochem 405

    I'm looking to buy a totally refurbished 405 I'm curious to what it would be worth! And a little input on the machine for experiences with them