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  1. Dafloorman

    What else do I need to do?

    Looking for some help for my new Trek JR, do I need to oil anything? I bought the Flex Star head for commercial carpets. And what is this black pole for? Changing the head? Or do I just need to go to town with it? Any help is appreciated. Looks like I cannot put my pic up, anyway it’s brand...
  2. Dafloorman

    Please PRAY for our country!

    This mass shootings stuff is just out of control! Has anyone heard from Jason? He lives in El Paso. Yup let’s just keep supporting these high powered weapons that are not even supposed to be in the hands of the public! These weapons should only be in the hands of the military! What the hell does...
  3. Dafloorman

    Heck Of A Sample

    So I had to come out to a home for an estimate to restore an old marble shower that was gross and had not been touched for 15 plus years. Me being the salesmen that I am if I see anything else I can do, customer is going to know about it! So I see her main floor and how horrible it was, so I...
  4. Dafloorman

    Good shoes for the work we do!

    Hey guys I just wanted to share this with you all about these Skecher shoes, they are very comfortable, slip resistant, air-cooled, and memory foam! I got another pair last week, so when a pair is in the wash I have another one available. Got them from Rack Room Shoes, under $50, and they are...
  5. Dafloorman

    This Is To Funny!!!

    You gotta see this! [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  6. Dafloorman

    Applying Scotch Guard

    Gotta sofa I have to Scotch Guard in the morning, which one of these tools would you use after applying? Or is a mist good enough? No cleaning, sofa is new. Thanks in advance!
  7. Dafloorman

    Great Job Doe Doe Head!

    Jim Mattis, our top General QUITS, like everyone else, we’re in deep do do people! And if you STILL agree with Trump? Your a jerk just like him!!! Yeah let’s shut down the government, let’s build a wall, no Trump your not getting the money! [emoji30][emoji30][emoji30]. Mexico is going to build...
  8. Dafloorman

    Install Finally Done on The Ford Transit

    Now it’s time to make some money! Lol, bought the van 2018 Ford Transit 250 medium roof on Black Friday, ($7800 in discounts/incentives) install took 3 days, as they worked on other vans. It took like a day to organize everything, so today was the first job, which was a marble job, nope actually...
  9. Dafloorman

    What sealer would you use?

    Hi Guys: I am bidding on a job (Jerusalem Stone). That has not been done in years, the last company did use a product to make a nice shine, but I know they did not polish it. I want to keep the same look. You can see the difference in this pic, what sealer would you use? After we clean and dry?
  10. Dafloorman

    Color Sealing Mexican Floors

    This is a very nice up sell, the only problem is you CANNOT be afraid of color sealing! It was NOT easy! As a matter of fact, back breaking! 3 days Of work! Process: Light quick scrub with GM and a little degreaser, 175 and a carpet brush. We did NOT use any floor stripper or a stiff hard nylo...
  11. Dafloorman

    Has anyone here ever used Customer Lobby?

    Just spoke to a rep from there, so this is a customer retention program that helps track and retain old, not so old, and present customers. Thanks!
  12. Dafloorman

    Their Here!

    Got my 2 Smith sprayers in on Saturday, I will give a report on these next week at this time. They look and feel pretty heavy but well built at the same time!
  13. Dafloorman

    $500 a month, I will handle everything!

    So I am trying to do better with my SEO game, social media, and basically trying to be more active and further up in my local search! I am not a whiz at this stuff and I would prefer if an expert who loves it handles it for me! Now I will be involved in sending him pics, videos, etc etc and...
  14. Dafloorman

    Wish me luck!

    Will post after pics and procedures.
  15. Dafloorman

    Need some pricing help

    Looking to work with a large local restoration company, they want a price from me for: Water extraction Tile & grout cleaning Carpet cleaning Upholstery cleaning Marble & Stone Restoration I am pricing like 6 pieces for now that was from a fire damage, was exposed to a little soot but...
  16. Dafloorman

    Pump Up Sprayers? My patience is wearing thin!

    Does anyone make a good pump up sprayer? They seem to break at the thin tips (pics) or different areas? I know I know get a HydroForce Sprayer. But does anyone have any input on a good pump up THAT WOULD LAST? I just bought this white one a week ago! All 4 of these sprayers are shot! And just to...
  17. Dafloorman

    How many times per day, do you say the name Grout Master???

    At least 2-3 times per day for me. [emoji16]
  18. Dafloorman

    Epoxy floors, any takers?

    Do any of you guys do or ever thought about doing epoxy floors/tops? I have a buddy in the area that’s big time in it! People are considering epoxy flooring as in alternative, there not just for garages anymore. Especially with this new 3D imaging, do you guys have companies in your area that do...
  19. Dafloorman

    Has Anyone Done Olive Garden Restaurants?

    Getting ready to eat lunch/dinner at my local Olive Garden, the floor is sticky, baseboards are filthy and tile & grout is filthy! Talked to the manager and a company does them through corporate. I am assuming the pay is not much? Cause the work sucks!! She said they do 12 restaurants in this...
  20. Dafloorman

    Love this TMF pen!!!

    Where did you get this from Rob? This is really cool, I want to purchase this, please provide information. Feels good in the writing hand, and it lights up! That’s big pimping! Just got it in the mail with my TMF Store order. Thanks!!
  21. Dafloorman

    Mass Shooting In My Own Backyard!

    This is horrific, what needs to be done to stop this? If one is not in the military, why does this type of gun exists for the masses? I don’t want to even get into the politics of it, just thinking about this sad incident as a human being! 17 people dead!
  22. Dafloorman

    Ink from jeans on expensive leather

    Hey guys we’re at this nice 2 building office, got an issue with these chairs, tried some pig, did not budge, tried some Chemspec leather cleaner did not budge, any suggestions?
  23. Dafloorman

    Cleaning Vinyl

    What’s the best product to clean vinyl paneling? I have a huge boat to clean next week, looking for a good cleaner and a conditioner to use. I was thinking a degreaser and furniture polish for the conditioner?
  24. Dafloorman

    I want this machine!

    Anyone knows any information about it? Price? Brand new for 2018!
  25. Dafloorman

    Wish me luck!

    A ton of urine and who know what else!