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  1. mrotto

    why you should never buy a TM on Craigslist. Ive been posting here on the perils of buying a TM on Craigslist. In the ad this looks like a great machine, right? I certainly thought so until.....Im thinking......hey, they have a water softener which is a...
  2. mrotto

    just a warning...

    buying a used TM can be a nightmare if your not careful. You have to know what to look for. Many times over the years local cleaners have put their TM up for sale. Pictures look great, but when I go to take a look at it, its beat to hell. Last week I saw a Prochem Apex go up for sale in...
  3. mrotto

    ever wonder why Oxy Fresh gets so many reviews?

    looks like a lady in my area gave three different reviews for Oxy Fresh last week. This one for Oxy Fresh Appleton: *We love the job that Nick did on our 3 rooms. He was professional and polite.* This one for Oxy Fresh in Sturgeon Bay (77 miles from here) *Nick cleaned 3 rooms for us, one of...
  4. mrotto

    differential fluid

    going to clean my son in laws truck on Friday and he said he spilled some differential fluid on the carpet. Anyone have experience with this or have suggestions?
  5. mrotto

    Titan 575

    just shut off on friday. No power at all. Just started cleaning so waste tank had maybe a gallon or two in it. Since no power it wasnt any of the normal things that are safety shutoffs. Called Janitors Closet (installed it 18 months ago) and Harry talked me through it. Checked all fuses...
  6. mrotto

    found this article useful for online reviews what do you think?
  7. mrotto

    anyone located in Northeast Wisconsin

    have a 10,000 sf office which is mainly halls and lobby areas. Would like to try a Zipper. If you are in Northeast Wisconsin and have one, Id like to rent it from you for a weekend. Let me know!
  8. mrotto

    how many times have you heard this

    todays job. Long time previous customer had water damage in the first floor Master Bedroom/bathroom (are we allowed to say that anymore?) Was contacted by the owner of the restoration company and scheduled the cleaning to be done. Show up today and all their clothes were scattered all over...
  9. mrotto

    Just out of curiosity...

    If somebody made you a job offer you couldnt refuse to leave your business, what would that be?
  10. mrotto

    2006 Chevrolet 2500 van with 2009 Prochem Apex truckmount $14,900

    2006 Chevrolet 2500 van with 164,000 miles in great condition. 2009 Prochem Apex truckmount (32 HP Water Cooled Kubota Engine) with 7155 hours with 100 gallon fresh water tank automatic waste pumpout Silver Bullet filter HydroForce Sprayer Carpet wand with glide Upholstery tool Stair tool Water...
  11. mrotto

    certainly the last few months have been interesting to say the least, but

    I am afraid that the next few months may top that. Why? Something in the back of my mind has been bothering me so I had time to do a Google search last night. Maybe it was that Biden has not been making a lot of appearances (which could be understood with the Covid thing) but when we do hear...
  12. mrotto

    Titan 575 question (minor)

    so I noticed this small piece of insulation at the bottom of my machine yesterday. Its a year old. Took a picture of approximately where I found it. Dont know where it goes. Manual is no help. Id ask where should I stick it but understand what kind of answers Id get, so maybe I should...
  13. mrotto

    Mask Update

    An order from Public Health Madison and Dane County, starting at 8 a.m. Monday, will require everyone age 5 and older to wear a face covering or mask in any enclosed building where other people could be present — except in a person’s own home or living unit.
  14. mrotto

    Austrian Carpet Cleaning Machine CRB Pro 35 BRAND NEW!

    The Pro 35 is a Counter Rotating Brush machines (CRB) that is water proof and designed to not only clean carpets, but also hard surfaces. They can pick up 99 percent of the water and debris on a hard floor. They can be used for Encapsulation Cleaning, Dry Compound Cleaning, Pre Vacuuming, Post...
  15. mrotto

    Public Apology to Scroty-sack

    In another thread, I made a post that referenced Scroty-sacks wife. It crossed the line. It was inappropriate. It was wrong. I am truly sorry.
  16. mrotto

    HELP! Need a Wood Floor expert!

    I have cleaned carpet for over 30 years. Ive been using 2 inch Scotch Blue painters tape on hardwood floors that abut the carpet Im cleaning. Usually I then lay carpet samples over the painters tape for good measure to protect the wood floor. Cleaned for a new customer that had a 20 foot...
  17. mrotto

    cleaning HydraMaster Waste tank

    so Ive had the Titan 575 for a year now. Love the machine. Previously was a Prochem guy. anyone familiar with the HydraMaster waste tanks knows that there are three sections. Two are accessible but the section under the blower filter just has no place to get decent access to spray it down...
  18. mrotto

    I might just turn Democrat

    Our new Democratic Governor in Wisconsin just announced today that he is giving all Small Businesses in Wisconsin $2500.00 He just may get my vote next time around...
  19. mrotto

    here we go!!!

    it is extremely rare to have a local carpet cleaning company post that they are selling. In the last two days, two carpet cleaning companies are posted for sale. Let the games begin!!!
  20. mrotto

    WANTED! Long Handle Stair Tool

    looking for a 38 to 40 inch stair tool. MUST be in like new condition.
  21. mrotto

    Yelp Review text link?

    OK, working on my website and have the Google review link that I can text to customers after cleaning (there was a really nice site posted here, dang if I can find it now though). But if customers dont have a Google account I could put a Yelp link to leave a review. Other than actually going...
  22. mrotto

    the true cost of a truckmount...

    last year I sold my Prochem Apex and Chev 1 ton van. I bought it used in April of 2008. It was 1 year old with very low miles and hours. Cost was $45,000. I sold it about April of last year so 11 years in my use for $18000. It looked and ran like the day I bought it. It was overmaintained...
  23. mrotto

    what wand is this?

    its Titanium, lightweight. 2 inch tube, 4 - 110-015 jets with sight window and stainless, soft touch valve. A cleaner wants me to sell it for him. Who made it and whats it worth?
  24. mrotto

    Whittaker SmartCare LOMAC 15 Carpet Cleaner Cleaning Machine with Ergo Tank

    Whittaker machines are known in the industry to be durable and reliable. The LOMAC 15 is an excellent Counter Rotating Brush machine that can be used for cleaning jobs on carpet and textured hard floors. Use with Whittaker Crystal Dry Extra Carpet Cleaning Agent or to brush in prespray prior to...