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  1. True Pro

    Christmas & Gift Cards

    Do you send them out? Got mine all ready to go. This year along with my Xmas card I am including a $50 gift card that expires March 31 2017. Curious to see what extra work this will bring in.
  2. True Pro

    Kunkle Valve issues

    I can't call my distributor until tomorrow so I thought I would ask here. I have a kunkle valve on my rig that's 2" & 13 HGs. It usually releases at 14-15 but lately I've notice lately that it goes up to 18 - 20 before she releases. It's my understanding that they are factory set. Any ideas why...
  3. True Pro

    Tile cleaner for the home owner

    I just got an email from a customer that I serviced last week, She would like to know of a tile & grout cleaner she should use to keep the floor looking nice.Other than getting a neutral cleaner form my distributor is there some home made recipe I can offer her to try. Thanks
  4. True Pro

    Funny fishing video

    This is an Ocean sunfish basking in the sun. Usually you see these offshore. This was in Boston harbor. These guys are funny.
  5. True Pro

    Tile & Grout or Carpets

    Which do you prefer. I am loving doing tile & grout way more that doing carpets. I find it to be easier and much more profitable. Even sealing grout lines is no problem. Just got my new SX-12 and did a good sized job today and boy was I impressed. I was using a Gecko wand. And this was quite...
  6. True Pro

    Water stains

    I was at a home this morning to give an estimate on tile & grout cleaning and the customer asked me if I could do anything with this. Any idea on how to remove these stains. This is a stone chimney/fireplace that has had some water damage/stain. I told the home owner I would look into...
  7. True Pro

    Pricing a job

    When cleaning vertical surfaces like counter tops / back splashes and shower stalls. How much more percentage wise do you charge vs doing floors? Thanks
  8. True Pro

    Idea to get more reviews

    I was traveling today and I came up with this idea. What do you think? I always asked the client to post a review on my Facebook page if they use Facebook. That hasn't worked very well. A lot of my customers are older and don't seam to use Facebook. I also started leaving customer evaluation...
  9. True Pro

    500 around instead of 5 around

    I just finished up a job this morning in a super nice area. All big homes. Average income over $150K I've been targeting certain area with my EDDM program. Well rather than doing the five around I went to the Post Office and dropped 537 post cards to the route that the job was on. I'll be...
  10. True Pro

    Customer list / referals

    I am considering approaching another carpet cleaner in my area, He's been an O/O for over 35 years. I approached him last winter because I heard he wants to retire. He wanted crazy money and his equipment isn't really worth anything. He typically does one job a day. Mostly residential. Works...
  11. True Pro

    Christmas cards

    I want to send some out. What do you do? Where do you get them? I've looked online but can't seem to find something I like. Thanks
  12. True Pro

    Tibetan hand made rug

    I got an email this AM inquiring if I can do on site cleaning of a $22,000.00 hand made, hand tufted, hand dyed. multi colored 100 knot per inch floral pattern. It's 12'6"x18'6" My gut instinct tells me this is something I should pass on. If not how would you approach this job? Thanks
  13. True Pro

    EDDM without offering a discount ?

    My marketing firm is designing a new EDDM card for high end neighborhoods in the cities that i've been advertising to. I would like to have a card stating quality, great service and a company you can depend and count on. I'm wanting to relay that our standards are extremely high and that you...
  14. True Pro

    Fiberglass Tub

    I am cleaning the tile and grout in a bathroom. They have a tiled shower stall with a fiberglass tub. They would also like the tub cleaned. I am planning on using Tilemaster on the tile & grout. Can I use this on the tub or will it harm it. Thanks
  15. True Pro

    Total time

    How long to you plan on for Tile & Grout jobs? I'm beginning to get some calls and setting up estimates. If I allow one hour for 100 sq ft would that be sufficient. I am a new start up and I would appreciate the help. Also do some of you go back the next day to seal the grout rather than waiting...