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  1. Dafloorman

    Does smoking weed help or hurt a business?

    It could, I am proud to say I have never tried it! I was taught to have respect to drugs, and not only that to have a sort of fear to it! Especially when you see what drugs do to others! Especially hard drugs!
  2. Dafloorman

    Grout cleaning with grout master

    Looks like color sealer to me that was done years ago, so it peeled when you did the cleaning! Remedy? Re color seal.
  3. Dafloorman

    The new TMF Profire and Starfire Truckmounts! (Vids included)

    Congratulations Rob! Your a true hustler, but in a good way!!
  4. Dafloorman

    My 2019 Vegas Exp Trade Show review

    Nice video Rob, looks like you all had a ton of fun! I may try to catch you all next year! Especially in Clearwater!
  5. Dafloorman

    What else do I need to do?

    Thanks Todd, appreciate the feed back.
  6. Dafloorman

    What else do I need to do?

    Does anyone have any input, I know many of you guys have this unit?
  7. Dafloorman

    What else do I need to do?

    Looking for some help for my new Trek JR, do I need to oil anything? I bought the Flex Star head for commercial carpets. And what is this black pole for? Changing the head? Or do I just need to go to town with it? Any help is appreciated. Looks like I cannot put my pic up, anyway it’s brand...
  8. Dafloorman

    Please PRAY for our country!

    Look how he derailed this sensitive subject, Admin should ban him!
  9. Dafloorman

    Please PRAY for our country!

    That’s so true, so it all boils down to greed! As far as drugs, I never had any experience with it at all, I was never interested in drugs, even in High School in the late 80’s! My take on that is if you walk down a street and see a line of people and their all in line to get their head chopped...
  10. Dafloorman

    Please PRAY for our country!

    Maybe, but it was all a racist act that motivated it! Your right about the guns, the only difference with a hand gun they will not have all the time nor capacity to kill in large numbers! But being mentality ill and being a racists are two totally different things.
  11. Dafloorman

    Please PRAY for our country!

    Please take your medication!
  12. Dafloorman

    Please PRAY for our country!

    Did you forget to take your medication again?
  13. Dafloorman

    Please PRAY for our country!

    Please get involved and informed, your life may depend on it one of these days !
  14. Dafloorman

    Please PRAY for our country!

    Well were all glad that you and your family is safe! At the end of the day that’s more important than anything else!
  15. Dafloorman

    Please PRAY for our country!

    This mass shootings stuff is just out of control! Has anyone heard from Jason? He lives in El Paso. Yup let’s just keep supporting these high powered weapons that are not even supposed to be in the hands of the public! These weapons should only be in the hands of the military! What the hell does...
  16. Dafloorman

    Houston Cleaner?

    Pray about it Jason! That’s what we did when we considered moving to Atlanta! I have family there, cost of living and homes are less than expensive South Florida. And me and my wife did like 5-6 months of research! Looking up suppliers, firms for my wife, and everything else in between. We said...
  17. Dafloorman

    Travertine polishing while on vacation

    Thanks Rob for coming out on our job! I am crazy tired, oh well headed to another one!
  18. Dafloorman

    Grout Sealer Fail?

    John you are spot on with your above post! I have experienced the same thing!! Why waste sealer on grout that is stained and will not make a difference! When it really needs to be color sealed!
  19. Dafloorman

    Industry Cry Babies

    This sounds so much like our president! That’s a real crybaby!
  20. Dafloorman

    swirls in high gloss black porcelain

    Maybe someone put finish on it?
  21. Dafloorman

    CRB dog hair dig

    Wow, great job sir! I would put them on a every 4 months schedule!
  22. Dafloorman

    Memorial Day Shift

    Chilling today hammock style! Trying to rest my knees, got a color sealing job in the morning! Happy Memorial Day!
  23. Dafloorman

    CONTEST Contest with Brian Hass’s new rap video!

    What Colorado Cleaner said! Very nice job TMF!!