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  1. Ryan Kowal

    First wrap thoughts

    About ready to pull the trigger and wrap the newest of 2 would like some input keep in mind this is just a rough draft we just started nothing is set in stone and this is the first one my buddy has developed Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums mobile app
  2. Ryan Kowal

    Adding van #2 after month

    Felt like this a deal we couldn't pass up put 50% to get our payments at 382 plan is to pay it off after college turn here in August Originally was the first van I wanted before building the pro 1200 Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums mobile app
  3. Ryan Kowal

    The new setup

    Flew into Dallas at 7am back on the road to Lubbock at 1130 and cleaning at 6 gonna take some getting used to over the 570ss overall in super happy Rick Aranda and interlink took great care of me except for dent in rear bumper
  4. Ryan Kowal

    570 or pro 1200

    Just wanted some opinions I'm a brand new startup on my own but I been in the industry 12 years as a water restoration manager for the company carpet tech in west Texas I have lots of leads already for flood work but gotta start somewhere like everyone does Haven't seen many reviews on the pro...