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    I need some help adjusting my rpm. I have prochem apex and rpm are low. I just need some help on how to adjust them and bring them back up. Thank you for any help
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    Shower tile light grey grout turning black where floor and walls meet

    Had a customer call me today and tell me this is happening in her shower. She said it seems to be spreading along where the floor and walls meet. She said it is not coming out onto the rest of the floor. She said she has had the tile professionally cleaned by two different companies with no...
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    Mytee spinner

    I have a 12 in spinner and have been using size 1501 jets. I was thinking about changing to 1502. I realize 1502 would be less likely to clog, but was wondering if any of you guys have a preference on which does the better cleaning job. Thanks so much, any input greatly appreciated
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    What size jets should I use in prochem titanium wand?

    I have a 6 jet wand and was just curious what size jets work best.
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    How do you guys pay your cleaning technicians?

    I now pay my helper by the hour. He has been working with me for almost two years. I finally let him go out by him self and complete a couple of jobs. Did follow up calls with the customers and they were very satisfied. Just wondering if you guys pay by the hour or is it more percentage? If...
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    Anyone cleaning with a prochem apex?

    I am looking to purchase a prochem apex. Have been working with a prochem performer 405, it has been a great machine. Would like any feedback from anyone using or familiar with an apex.
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    Looking to purchase a new Prochem Apex

    Ive been looking at two machines, one the sapphire scientific 570ss, the other the prochem apex. I have a prochem performer 405 now and it has been a wonderful machine. This makes it hard for me to get away from prochem. To make things even better a representative from prochem called me today...
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    Fresh water supply installed in your van, how beneficial is it?

    I am looking to purchase my second van. I am having trouble finding a one ton extended van (Im looking for a Chevy/GMC). I found one brand new one but am trying to buy used 2008 or above. The reason for my question is Ive found plenty of 3/4 ton vans but I payload with a machine and fresh...
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    Buying new need advice Prochem apex or Sapphire 570ss

    I am currently working with a prochem performer 405. Have worked with prochem machines for the last 10 years. I have been very pleased with performance. Recently began to take a look at the sapphire 570ss. Looks like a very impressive machine. I am looking to buy a 2nd machine and have it...