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    Rotovac Monsoon ETM

    Had anyone used Monsoon from Rotovac just two corded portable with truckmount power. Thanks
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    Pressure washer run on volt converter box

    Hi had any one used step up volt converter boxes to run pressure washer. As mine needs 20 amps to start and then 7 amps through out. Thanks
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    Some time less vaccum is better more vaccum is overkill

    TM Vacuum..sometimes less is more... TM Vacuum..sometimes less is more... This is one of my best articles I wrote on how vacuum works in a TM. Remember this was written 2 years before I brought out teflon glides, so some of the figures mentioned at the wands WCI have been...
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    Some Time Less vaccum is better option.

    I had copy paste this article from a website for you all . Marry Christmas and happy New year. ETM Rocks TM Vacuum..sometimes less is more... Post Reply TM Vacuum..sometimes less is more... Superglide Ken 10/November/2006 at 10:51pm Quote This is one of my best...
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    Giant portable toilet extractor gone electric

    Hi guys this is great work 6* 7inch vaccum motor
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    What jet Size shall I go for On 2 jet wand for HOTSY 555SS

    Hi I am going to Rig Hotsy 555SS Diesel burner pressure washer on my carpet cleaning truck. It is 2.5 GPM 1200 psi unit. Please advise me jet size that I can put on my current 2 jet wand. Or shall I buy 4 or 3 jet wand please advise. Thanks
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    Can I use Mytee Escape with vac booster in Calgary, Canada were it goes to -30 with wind chill.

    Hi, I have Cleanco Quad 56. With 7700 hrs on it. I am thinking to go with Mytee Escape, North Star steam pressure washer. And Air Hog on winters to pump out water in customer flush/ loo. So that pump out don't freeze on me. I will be running on 12000 volts Champion Generator. Just the Vaccum...