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  1. Frank House

    Please post all SPAM here

    This forum used to be really good at getting information. It seems that as of latley a lot of spammers have been using this forum to post random things and sites. I wish TMF could come up with a better way to reduce this and bring back the forum to the way it used to be. I'm not sure what could...
  2. Frank House

    Whats the best thing President Trump said.

    Whats the best thing said during Trumps speech?
  3. Frank House

    Craftsman sold to Stanley - Black and Decker

    Sears and Stanley Black & Decker are starting off 2017 with a bang. The Illinois-based retailer will be selling its 89-year-old Craftsman tools brand to the Connecticut-based tool manufacturer for $525 million in cash, plus $250 million after Year 3 and variable payments for up to 15 years, for...
  4. Frank House

    This might save you money on prescriptions

    I found this site that could save you money on your prescriptions. I just wanted to pass it along to the forum. Follow the directions on what you'll have to do to get a discount. You might need to print a coupon. For others you might just have to go to a certain store. This is a free service. I...
  5. Frank House

    Hiring a new employee

    I looked at other threads dealing with the same issue. Here is my problem. Where to you go about getting a new employee? I have tried many avenues with no results. I have applicants come in, than never show up to there interview. We pay well and have benefits and uniforms. what gives? What...
  6. Frank House

    IICRC Apologizes

    August 12, 2016 Dear IICRC Stakeholders, We know the last 18 months have been challenging, and for that, we apologize. However, we are pleased to announce the IICRC has transitioned to self-management. Our president, Richard Greene, has already begun implementing numerous processes and...
  7. Frank House

    Whats your choice degreaser?

    Whats your degreaser of choice when cleaning? I just wanted to see what people are using out there. Ok really i'm trying to see if there is something better and or cheaper then what we have been using.
  8. Frank House

    Odor Solutions Webinar Tonight 6 PM PST Pros Choice Click above link Upcoming: Odor Solutions Webinar Thursday, July 14 6 PM PST Got odor? Need it gone fast and forever? We've got the Odor Solutions for you! Join us TONIGHT, Thursday, July 14th at 6pm PST to pick the brain of Craig "the Master" Jasper to...
  9. Frank House


    Just wanted to thank Omar for being a stand up man! He is always putting in his input into post that he can help with. He helps people out in need. He is what I wish everybody could be like. A hard working guy trying to get by. But no forgetting where he came from. Omar you are the man!!!!
  10. Frank House

    Do you understand the cleaning codes on furniture?

    upholstery cleaning codes explained The upholstery cleaning code on a furniture item recommends the best and safest cleaning method. Understanding upholstery cleaning codes can be a challenge. If you look on the item's tag, you'll likely see furniture cleaning codes designed by the letters...
  11. Frank House

    Carpet Mills warranty information

    This is a list of the warranty information from different carpet mills and what they recommend. This is for cleaning of the carpet per warranty of the manufacture of carpet Mohawk Even with regular vacuuming, soil particles and oily dirt will cling to carpet fibers. Foot traffic drives these...
  12. Frank House

    Do you own a dog? ((Poll))

    How many of you own a dog? Off topic poll. Just wanted to see how many on here own at least one dog.
  13. Frank House

    Whats the best tool for residential carpet cleaning with a portable unit?

    What is your go to tool that you clean residential carpets with using a portable? In a high rise building I can't use a TM. Just wanted to see what tool of choice people out there are using as there go to.