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  1. Jim Davisson

    Aerotech DDS

    I seen this mentioned on a Facebook page, has anyone heard anything about it? Wasn't crazy about the butler style layout in the chevy express, but looked all stainless.
  2. Jim Davisson

    Unrolled a basket case

    This was improperly cleaned by another cleaner and hung lengthwise judging from the pattern of dye bleeding. I hate these types of jobs.
  3. Jim Davisson

    Had another first yesterday!

    My brother's second job was a commercial property we have done for years. With the managers blessing he backs into the grass to access one side, no big deal we've done it for years. Well he apparently crushed an underground propane line at the valve for a 500 gallon in ground propane tank...
  4. Jim Davisson

    Maintenance Made Easier

    I'm working hard this year to make maintenance easy, organized and fast. Putting extra blower and pump oil in condiment bottles that live on the van, making a live reel carwash station directly behind where the van is parked everyday, stocking more likely to break/wear out parts on the van...
  5. Jim Davisson


    The wife and I painted our youngest daughter's room last night, not the coolest new year's eve ever, I know. When we moved the bed we found the mother of all slime spots. Allsolv extreme to help break it up and red 1 to keep it from readhering when flushing. Of course the worst one I ever...
  6. Jim Davisson

    Where do you draw the line?

    When do you throw away the rules on nylons and run hot? I have been beating the crap out of 1 of 2 rooms of the same nylon side by side for 18 months. One always has pet urine and treated on the low ph side, the other I've run hot with up to a 12-13 ph and no difference in appearance or soil...
  7. Jim Davisson

    Wireless PTO TM Control

    Always wanted to do it with my CDS and I am going to do it on the Cleanco. Has anyone else used a key fob 4 channel remote on their machines? Going to wire it in for remote and panel use, but figured I'd see what the collective has done already?
  8. Jim Davisson

    What I really want!

    Can someone make one wand with a detachable head. So we can use one tube and multiple wand plenums of different widths and accept a tile head and spinner attachment along with a carpet edging tool attachment? In this day and age surely it's not impossible and I think it would runaway with the...
  9. Jim Davisson

    New Life

    This has been a fun project putting my vintage Clarke back into action. 8 hours and a couple hundred bucks in parts and it's ready for some padcapping at production rates.
  10. Jim Davisson

    Congratulations to Mama Fen!

    Our own Mama is getting hitched tomorrow to a great guy! I wanted to be the first to give her a big shout out and hope she enjoys the week away up in the mountains! I'll bust out the Jameson caskmates tomorrow night and have one for ya. Best of luck to you both!
  11. Jim Davisson

    Orbot Slim

    This is one sexy looking machine... Who took a hot lap in Vegas and let's hear about it. Explain the wheelie bar too please!
  12. Jim Davisson

    Series/Parallel Test

    Pretty impressive results for 3 motors: 311 CFM at 15.75" Hg with a broke in LX leading two brand new 122483-00's. Numbers will definitely be better with some burn in time on the 483's no doubt. With no hose on at the machine the LX pulled 15 amps and the 483's 12 amps each and the 483's dropped...
  13. Jim Davisson

    The Cool Zone

    Put the van divider back up between the cab and cargo area. Sure is nice to get into cool cab that stays that way between jobs, I hate summer.
  14. Jim Davisson

    Water Box Temp Gauge

    Pulled the hour meter and put an automotive capillary tube temp gauge on the panel to watch the water box temps. Going to play with warming up the incoming fresh water off the exterior of the blower silencer and try to stay under the pumps 160° high limit mark before I put new seal and valves in...
  15. Jim Davisson

    UV Light Alternative Use

    If your vital model # motor information is gone from the 49¢ sticker Kohler slapped on the side of your motor you can use your UV light to retrieve it. Seriously it works :cool:
  16. Jim Davisson

    Vacuum Exhaust Heat Exchanger

    This 8x8 finned tube heat exchanger while being a total challenge to implement doesn't add substantial solution temperature (only 10° with my insane flow wand, 15° with an 8 flow) however it has attenuated heat exiting the exhaust air and namely dampened sound. Exhaust temps are reduced 30° to...
  17. Jim Davisson

    In line TM and ETM filter Coming Soon

    Lossless performance all day, no performance hit at the wand even after a full day of cleaning carpet or tile. Options for single wand, dual wand, 2", 2.5" and 20 gpm APO. Maintains or exceeds standard performance with dual vac hoses to the recovery tank.
  18. Jim Davisson

    I think I'm institutionalized

    My brother and I knocked out one of today's two job's last night to give us an early friday. We only had a kitchen/laundry room tile cleaning job for a realtor we work with at her house slated for this morning 10 minutes in between each of our homes. Bing, bang, boom we should be in and out in...
  19. Jim Davisson

    T-Moulding Install

    Homeowner did not plan ahead when installing the floating hardwood floor himself and left a mess for the next guy, me. The only viable option with the 14' jagged edge was 3" T-Tap. $61 in materials, 45 mins on the job $255 ticket. I wish I could do one of these everyday.
  20. Jim Davisson

    LX & 8.4 In Series

    Jimsteam was kind enough to send me a spare Ametek 122175-00 8.4 for testing purposes. The results are interesting and the combination has potential. Here's the results with no inline filter or muffler installed: Dual LX's 13.8" Hg tested today for a baseline. (We have a system moving through...
  21. Jim Davisson

    Portable Upgrades

    I think we need to spend a little time talking about how to do it properly and what common pitfalls to avoid. When you are just starting out you don't have the luxury of time. The luxury of watching the evolution of equipment, what things manufacturers changed over time, why they changed them...
  22. Jim Davisson

    Generator heat exchanger Etm

    Building my last ETM/Portable cleaning machine and going super micro. Larry Cobbs WLD55 heat exchanger and 3 other finned tube exchangers are creating super impressive numbers at a 1/2 gph burn. 6 flow 200° 8 flow 190° 14 flow 170° It's not ready to mount in a van until the final compact...
  23. Jim Davisson

    Thermal relief bypass cooler

    Routing the bypass water through this coil high in the recovery tank knocks down the water temperature before it hits the freshwater tank. It definitely can be done a little more elegantly, but this project was done solely with parts I had lying around. It's not super efficient, so blower intake...
  24. Jim Davisson

    My latest project

    I've been wanting to do this for quite a while and finally got around to getting it done. Portable Tile cleaning with the power of a TM, 1½ HP 14 amp, 1000 psi, 2.1 GPM, full pressure chemical injection and 180° inlet temperature capable. I recycled the toolbox from a project no longer needed...