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  1. randyg6224

    Unchained for Pet Owners

    Is this product available yet? I can’t find it in the TMF store. Help!!
  2. randyg6224

    First Time Using B10-Pro

    These pics are from a meat packing plant training room. The results speak for themselves. The 1st pic is CRBing only.
  3. randyg6224

    CRB Bearings

    I had watched a video Rob had a few months ago on changing the bearings on a CRB. I have searched and searched and cannot find it. Anybody have any ideas? Rob??
  4. randyg6224

    Modify My Classified Ad?

    Can someone please tell me how to modify my classified ad??
  5. randyg6224

    Remote Temperature Monitoring

    I need to have a remote temperature monitoring system for my Sprinter. What are some of you using? About 300-400 foot range. Thanks for your help!
  6. randyg6224

    Anyone in Columbia, MD?

    Anyone located near Columbia, Maryland? I have a family member needing an honest, friendly, quality carpet cleaner. Thanks
  7. randyg6224

    Anyone in Columbia, MA Area?

    I have a family member in the Columbia, Maryland area needing carpet cleaning. Looking for friendly, quality service. Let me know! Thanks
  8. randyg6224

    Hard Water Deposits

    What products are best for removing the hard water & calcium deposits around public pool drains? And please don't mention muratic acid! And normal acidic cleaners aren't getting it done. Looking for something special. Thanks
  9. randyg6224

    Items for Sale

    Please take a look at my items for sale: The RX-20 is recently repainted, new rub rail, all new vac hoses, Teflon glides. Works perfect. PowerWand is also in great shape and runs well. The TurboForce concrete tool was used once. I have the larger grey Hyper Turbo. Don't do much concrete...
  10. randyg6224

    Going Paperless, Which Tablet?

    I want my business to go paperless in 2016. I have been signed up with HouseCall Pro since April but have used it very little. Want to utilize HouseCall Pro to it's fullest. I will be implementing a lead tech with a helper in their own vehicle. With all that said I'm looking for suggestions...
  11. randyg6224

    Anyone in Columbia Maryland?

    I have family looking for cleaning service in the Columbia Maryland. Quality a MUST!!
  12. randyg6224

    PreLoad 5 or Pro10K?

    With all the talk of the new Pro10K, what's happening with PreLoad 5? I was going to try the Pro10K but just wondering about PreLoad 5. I did use a jar of the PreLoad 5 and was happy with it. Any input? Thanks!
  13. randyg6224

    Should I Get a Zipper Wand?

    I've been watching and reading about the zipper wand for quite awhile now. I currently clean with a RotoVac PowerWand, RX-20 and a T-REX. I never have nor do I want to clean with a wand. But the zipper wand does look interesting. I'm interested in hearing from people who have used the zipper...
  14. randyg6224

    Getting Customer Reviews?

    I'd like to leave a postcard behind with my customers asking for a review of my services. Possibly some simple instructions and links to my website, Google +, Facebook, Yelp, etc...Would anyone have a sample, ideas? How do you get customers to give you reviews? Thanks for your help!
  15. randyg6224

    Question for T-REX users?

    Just received my T-REX, can't wait to try it out. Any suggestions on the speed control? When to use a lower speed? Higher speed? Thanks guys
  16. randyg6224

    Any opinion on a EFI Nissan Genesis 59?

    Anyone have any experience with this unit or similar?
  17. randyg6224

    Mark Kennedy-Wednessday before ICE, Who's Going?

    I will be attending the Mark Kennedy seminar on Wednesday, Jan. 28, day before ICE. Who's going?
  18. randyg6224

    Soft Grips

    Anyone have a link for some type of soft grips for a Cimex, Turbo tool, etc...? I'm tired of my hands taking a beating. Thanks for your replies!
  19. randyg6224

    Cinta's Ultraclean Service Charge?

    Does anyone know an approximate price Cinta's charges for there Ultra-clean Bathroom service? Thanks for your reply.
  20. randyg6224

    ICE Expo 2015 - Anyone started planning?

    Anyone started planning to go to the ICE EXPO 2015? Any tips, tricks, places to stay?
  21. randyg6224

    Sports Bar VCT Job Today

    Did 8,000 sf VCT today using Floor Care MD's "Prescription" floor finish. Just a scrub & re-coat (2) coats. Turned out great! Great product. Thanks Mike!!
  22. randyg6224

    Chem-Dry Pricing

    Does anybody know what the Chem-Dry franchises are charging for carpet cleaning? Price? By the sf or by the room? Just curious! Thanks for replying.
  23. randyg6224

    Carbon Monoxide Almost got ME!!

    Had to clean my in-laws tile & grout floors yesterday. It was 5 degrees outside. Backed my truck-mount into the garage, left door open about 3'. Opened back door for cross air, even had a air mover set up behind the TM to blow exhaust out garage door. After about 1 1/2 hours started feeling...
  24. randyg6224

    Removing Carpet Glue from Tile & Grout?

    Looked at some tile & grout today that had carpet glued down over it years ago. Customer pulled up the carpet and now needs the glue removed and wants the tile & grout to look good. Tile & grout also had old wax (floor finish) applied at one time. This is a church. Can't use mechanical...
  25. randyg6224

    Gabriel-"Ultra Gloss 300" Floor Finish

    Has anyone used Gabriel's "Ultra-Gloss 300" floor finish? No stripping up to 8 years. Check it out.