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  1. Tcoulter

    Ecocide vs USOR Unchained?

    I have yet to try USOR, but just finished a gallon of ecocide citrus lush. I really liked the ecocide, it's pretty economical too (16:1 for severe odor). I ran out while deodorizing my own house of dog pee, so i still have some dog pee smell. My question is, if staining isn't the concern...
  2. Tcoulter

    Is USR too old to use if it doesn't burn my hands?

    I bought 4 gallons of Pro's Choice USR sometime a few months ago. Just been sitting in the garage. I have noticed if I spray it on some concrete, it instantly fizzes up, which is a good sign, but it doesn't burn my hand if i pour some on my fingers, or turn them white. I thought I remember it...
  3. Tcoulter

    Getting into VLM, needing advice with logistics of Cimex

    I just measured for a company that wants me to clean 3 massive apartment buildings common areas, mostly hallways. The apartments are for residents 55+, and they are all new, built within last 3 years. I have done massive jobs like this with my TM before, and it was a real hassle. Too long of...
  4. Tcoulter

    White sofa turned pink during cleaning

    So last week I cleaned a sofa, white, seemed to be mostly cotton, or cotton/ linen. I cleaned the arms and back, looked great. I proceeded to clean a cushion (prespray with prochem fine fabric, extract with hot water, sapphire scientific toool) and the white cushion turned pink only in certain...
  5. Tcoulter

    Grease Eraser is no more!

    I have started using presprays from TMF the most, but I always used to keep a bucket of Grease Eraser on hand as well. Today I went to buy some, and it's gone. The Chemeisters website is also gone. I guess they went out of business? We used that stuff for a looooong time.
  6. Tcoulter

    Is USR the same as the organic stain removers?

    I always go through and post- spot any spots that I couldn't remove, usually with some stain 1, stain magic, just like magic, or stain zone. But I also keep a gallon of USR on me, and wondering if it does the exact same thing, should I just use that instead? Or do those other stain removers...
  7. Tcoulter

    4/1 Hydroforce is much better than 8/1

    I have noticed, especially when using Bio-Pro and citrus solvents, that using the yellow metering tip in an HF sprayer is just not accurate. I haven't accurately measured it yet, but I can tell that it is not as good as going without the metering tips. When I remove the tip, I can pre-spray...
  8. Tcoulter

    Customer wants me to pay $65 because I apparently didn't put their furnace door completely back on.

    So I cleaned carpet and air ducts 1 month ago. Worked super super hard, gave them a killer deal because I took over my step-fathers company who passed away, and accidentally didn't even charge them for 1 trunk line because I wasn't sure of my step-dads pricing structure. So they got all ducts...
  9. Tcoulter

    How would you clean this office carpet?

    I presprayed with 7 scoops bio break in hydroforce. Almost 0 difference after cleaning. This is a nasty office. Probably never cleaned. I didnt have any other prespray in my van today. You can see the 2 small spots that cleaned up with some fels. I tried recleaning 3 times. No difference...
  10. Tcoulter

    What do you do when you get a carpet that you keep getting dirt out of?

    Today i am cleaning carpets in the office of a car dealer service shop. Its blue cgd, and in the main pathways, i have cleaned 1 hallway literally 6 times with bio break and groutmaster at 600 psi high heat. My sight tube STILL shows dark brown water. And the carpet STILL has an obvious brown...
  11. Tcoulter

    I hate cleaning Tile with MDF baseboard

    I did a tile cleaning job today, in a decent house, but all of the Trim and even cabinet toe-kicks were super crappy MDF. I have cleaned around MDF a million times, and only swelled a few areas. But today, even with applying a small amount of solution, with just a pump sprayer, it seriously...
  12. Tcoulter

    Do you wear a mask at every job?

    I wasn't wearing a mask at all. Most of my customers think the whole COVID response is stupid, even the old people. I try to keep my distance, but most of the old guys I work for tell me that they want to shake my hand, and I oblige. But today I went to a job, and had to swap out to my other...
  13. Tcoulter

    How do I clean the main Trunk line? Hose not rigid enough

    I have come back home to run my step-fathers carpet, tile, air duct, and upholstery cleaning company. He is unfortunately in hospice care, and unable to communicate with me. I have plenty of experience in carpet, tile, and upholstery, but have probably only done 15 or so duct cleaning jobs...
  14. Tcoulter

    Cleaning Rayon Upholstery with HWE?

    I have a customer that has 4 light colored chairs that are 80/20 Rayon/ Linen. I haven't went to look at them yet, but I have always been fearful of Rayon, as I have seen rugs with major problems that were Rayon. Is it usually possible to clean rayon with HWE if I use a neutral prespray and...
  15. Tcoulter

    How much to sell 2001 Chevy Express Hydramaster for?

    I've got this van, extended chevy, that has not been ran in quite awhile. I'm going to go through it this weekend to make sure the pump and blower still is working, put hoses on it, etc. I am finally wanting to sell it. It only has 40k miles on it, but it is in pretty rough shape overall, not...
  16. Tcoulter

    SX-12 Lockdown with brush head is SO annoying

    I recently spent a thousand dollars on an sx12 because it has a brush head, and I need it when I do travertine jobs. This is the only reason why I bought it, as I already have a spinner with a teflon edge that I like using. But this sx 12, even with the 3 little tiny holes open, sucks down to...
  17. Tcoulter

    How do you handle dog urine in pad on 2nd floor?

    I am trying to get better at my urine odor removal. I don't get calls for it often in my area. But today I had a job with LOTS of dog urine in a bedroom upstairs. I had some pet zone, so I mixed a gallon of it up and tried to carefully spread it around. I moved it around a bit with the wand...
  18. Tcoulter

    What can cause mysterious yellow stains on new carpet?

    I clean a house once a year, for the last 3 years. It is all new VERY WHITE cut pile carpet. Last time I cleaned it 3 weeks ago, there were probably 4 yellow stains. Just bright yellow, all in different areas. . The house has no pets or kids. They do have grandkids over sometimes though. I...
  19. Tcoulter

    Need Help. What is an equivelant oil to "Cat Pumps Crankcase oil ISO 68"?

    I decided to change my fluids just now before this week starts. I saw that I had 4 bottles left, thought it was 2 bottles of blower oil and 2 bottles of cat pump oil. I was wrong. I only have 1 bottle of pump oil and it wasn't even full. My butler needs about 19 oz of the pump oil and I...
  20. Tcoulter

    I just got shut down by the police for cleaning at 6 PM!

    So sick of this. Can't wait to go back to the wonderful Hoosier state where folks are sane. I have posted before about being shut down by police, even when cleaning in industrial/commercial areas at night. Today, me and a buddy went to clean about 200 feet of hallway at a retirement home I...
  21. Tcoulter

    How many of you use Acid for grout on most jobs?

    When i first started 10 yyears ago, we always cleaned with alkaline, then cleaned with acid. Every sq ft. Most jobs look really nice with just groutmaster now. Even ones that still look a little dark, i usually do not follow up with acid. Do ya'll think acid is a necessary step?
  22. Tcoulter

    Is there any way to delete or edit old posts?

    I was curious if I could delete old posts on here. But I don't see an option to do that. That is really bizarre for a forum if not.
  23. Tcoulter

    Acid on Acrylic Grout?

    Im at a job right now thats 18" porcelain tiles with grout thats supposed to be really light tan. I spray groutmaster and scrub, rinse at 1000 psi spinner. Get a lot of dirt out but the grout is splotchy. I think i remembee her saying this grout is epoxy or acrylic or something like that. I...
  24. Tcoulter

    Police Shut Me Down For Cleaning Last Night

    I have a restaurant that is suppose to be cleaned about every 4-6 weeks. Have done it for over 3 years, recently they have only been doing it every 3 months. Anyways, I start usually around 11, finish at 2. I got in there last night, total grease pit. I was already pissed off that they let...
  25. Tcoulter

    Rug smack in hydroforce dilution?

    I finally bought some rug smack just to have something a little safer on wool rugs. I usually use bio break but once in awhile I get a tiny bit of color loss on certain rugs with it. Instructions for rug smack call for 4 oz in 1 gallon pump sprayer. I'm wondering for hydroforce, will 6 small...