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  1. randyg6224

    Introduction & Any Wisconsin Carpet Cleaners?

    Probably referring to me. I’m actually in Pulaski, about 20 minutes NW of Green Bay. I do service Green Bay and north.
  2. randyg6224

    Deer Hunting

    First day if our 9 day state wide hunt.
  3. randyg6224

    Unchained for Pet Owners

    Is this product available yet? I can’t find it in the TMF store. Help!!
  4. randyg6224

    Non Slip Treatment problem

    My understanding of these products is to micro-etch the surface thus making them non-slip. There is nothing to remove, the surface of the tile has changed. Only solution is to cover entire surface if tiles with the non-slip product or buy them a new floor.
  5. randyg6224

    Regarding Rob and his Chemicals

    On s side note, how come I don’t hear anymore talk about Spiked? We use it on all poly with nice results.
  6. randyg6224

    FREE products!

    I’ll take all that off your hands.
  7. randyg6224

    What gross # per year for O/O to sustain success?

    Read and been doing the profit part now for 5 months. Great book!
  8. randyg6224

    Repair Shops in Milwaukee or Chicago Call and ask for Jim Nape.
  9. randyg6224

    TMF Scratchers

    I won $100 recently. It’s legit.
  10. randyg6224

    Preferred tool for scrubbing tile and grout

    Cimex with a set of older carpet brushes. Fill that tank up with 4-5 gallons of Grout Master added weight, putting it down and scrubbing at the same time. All we’ve used for years.
  11. randyg6224

    Powerclean Genesis 59 Truckmount...any good?

    Jim Nape knows much about these machines. tel:(708)390-0593
  12. randyg6224

    TMT 3000 / powerclean 3000 help

    He is Jim Nape at Wolf Cleaning Supplies, Mokena, IL tel: (708)390-0593
  13. randyg6224

    First Time Using B10-Pro

    We do use a Brush-n-Cap 20” exclusively for all our agitation. From Excellent Supply. Also have a 10”. Wouldn’t do it any other way!
  14. randyg6224

    First Time Using B10-Pro

    These pics are from a meat packing plant training room. The results speak for themselves. The 1st pic is CRBing only.
  15. randyg6224

    Housecall Pro - No Class

    I’m not a new business owner, my ball is rolling. HCP is a tool that allowed me to take my company to the next level. And I’m far from fledgling!!
  16. randyg6224

    Housecall Pro - No Class

    I’ve been using HCP for over 2 years now, and we love it. As I transitioned over to 2 techs it made my life so much easier. Nothing is handwritten anymore in the field. I could go on and on about all the features, but the program speaks for itself. I couldn’t imagine going back to the old way...
  17. randyg6224

    Power Clean CFI 3000 manual

    Jim Nape, Wolf Cleaning Supplies knows these machines and can get parts.
  18. randyg6224

    Exhaust to loud!
  19. randyg6224

    Exhaust to loud!

    Give me a couple of days. I'm actually taking it down to Wolf next weekend for their customer appreciation day. Their going to give it it's 1000 hour checkup and then have it on display for their event. Jim Nape will have his new larger machine on display also...
  20. randyg6224

    Exhaust to loud!

  21. randyg6224

    Exhaust to loud!

  22. randyg6224

    Exhaust to loud!

    This their first production Alpha. A little over 1000 hours in it now. Very good machine and quiet.