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  1. Tcoulter

    Beating the foaming problem

    I have never had an issue with foam while cleaning tile. Just use TMF Groutmaster and/or Viper Renew Acidic cleaner. You shouldn't be having trouble with foam while cleaning Tile, in my opinion.
  2. Tcoulter

    Ecocide vs USOR Unchained?

    I have yet to try USOR, but just finished a gallon of ecocide citrus lush. I really liked the ecocide, it's pretty economical too (16:1 for severe odor). I ran out while deodorizing my own house of dog pee, so i still have some dog pee smell. My question is, if staining isn't the concern...
  3. Tcoulter

    Help me name a spotter contest

    Premium Spot and Stain Remover
  4. Tcoulter

    Is USR too old to use if it doesn't burn my hands?

    I bought 4 gallons of Pro's Choice USR sometime a few months ago. Just been sitting in the garage. I have noticed if I spray it on some concrete, it instantly fizzes up, which is a good sign, but it doesn't burn my hand if i pour some on my fingers, or turn them white. I thought I remember it...
  5. Tcoulter

    Getting into VLM, needing advice with logistics of Cimex

    I just measured for a company that wants me to clean 3 massive apartment buildings common areas, mostly hallways. The apartments are for residents 55+, and they are all new, built within last 3 years. I have done massive jobs like this with my TM before, and it was a real hassle. Too long of...
  6. Tcoulter

    White sofa turned pink during cleaning

    I feel like I did test the sofa, though. I actually cleaned the body of it, which had no issues. It was only on the pillows/cushions that there were pink issues, and I even presprayed with a neutral prespray and rinsed with water only and a low moisture upholstery tool, quick dried with air...
  7. Tcoulter

    Customer wants me to pay $65 because I apparently didn't put their furnace door completely back on.

    Honestly, this house had ductwork absolutely filled with dust, couple inches thick, and I had it looking brand new by the time I was done. The idea that I have to clean their coils to do a satisfactory job is total BS. Their HVAC company cleans their coils, and my customers know that. My...
  8. Tcoulter

    White sofa turned pink during cleaning

    Interesting. I did explain to the customer that I was almost certain it was fire retardant, and she told me it would be ok to proceed with cleaning because she would rather there be pink spots than dirt spots. I probably should get better at testing before cleaning.
  9. Tcoulter

    White sofa turned pink during cleaning

    So last week I cleaned a sofa, white, seemed to be mostly cotton, or cotton/ linen. I cleaned the arms and back, looked great. I proceeded to clean a cushion (prespray with prochem fine fabric, extract with hot water, sapphire scientific toool) and the white cushion turned pink only in certain...
  10. Tcoulter

    Grease Eraser is no more!

    I have started using presprays from TMF the most, but I always used to keep a bucket of Grease Eraser on hand as well. Today I went to buy some, and it's gone. The Chemeisters website is also gone. I guess they went out of business? We used that stuff for a looooong time.
  11. Tcoulter

    Is USR the same as the organic stain removers?

    I always go through and post- spot any spots that I couldn't remove, usually with some stain 1, stain magic, just like magic, or stain zone. But I also keep a gallon of USR on me, and wondering if it does the exact same thing, should I just use that instead? Or do those other stain removers...
  12. Tcoulter

    TMF Black Label Prespray before & after pics - Official

    Used red label for the first time today. Looked amazing! Im assuming red label is same as black label aside from scent.
  13. Tcoulter

    CRB vs 175

    Yeah, I just moved back to the midwest from Maui, HI. So I know all about high cost of living lol. But my prices didn't even really reflect it there, because I had so much competition. I only had a $100 minimum on Maui, and I would often waive it for spot cleanings.
  14. Tcoulter

    CRB vs 175

    Dang, so $200 minimum? That is epic. I am at $75.
  15. Tcoulter

    CRB vs 175 charged $200 to clean that rug?!?!?!?!? Dude....I would charge like 20-30 bucks. Looks like about a 5x8 rug. So you are charging $5 per sq ft? Man... that is just blowing my mind right now. I had a lady refuse a $50 cleaning for a swivel living room armchair. Said she wanted to...
  16. Tcoulter

    CRB vs 175

    I have seen jtsunbrite talk smack about CRB many times. He is actually the reason i recently tried a 175 on carpet. I cant say hes wrong! But i feel that 99% of the time its just wasting time (compared to crb)
  17. Tcoulter

    CRB vs 175

    I have used both, although not a ton. Even though I like the 175, they are usually heavier, and they are usually much harder to control on carpet than a CRB. I never felt like I had to put in a lot more effort to CRB a place, where-as using my 175 with a pad on some nasty carpet gives me a...
  18. Tcoulter

    4/1 Hydroforce is much better than 8/1

    I have noticed, especially when using Bio-Pro and citrus solvents, that using the yellow metering tip in an HF sprayer is just not accurate. I haven't accurately measured it yet, but I can tell that it is not as good as going without the metering tips. When I remove the tip, I can pre-spray...
  19. Tcoulter

    Customer wants me to pay $65 because I apparently didn't put their furnace door completely back on.

    Obviously I moved on with my life. Doesn't mean it isn't irritating and something to watch out for.
  20. Tcoulter

    3 biggest money makers in the van / Average $$$ per application

    One time this light tan carpet in a high end condo had bleach spilled alll over it. like 100 tiny spots and 1 large spot. It turned it totally white. Like snow white. Guy called me and I straight up told him I never died carpet before, but that I could order in a kit and give it a shot. I...
  21. Tcoulter

    Customer wants me to pay $65 because I apparently didn't put their furnace door completely back on.

    Yeah I always say "Let me know if theres any issues!" before I leave any job. . I usually turn on the AC before I leave. I felt like I did this time too. Maybe I am mistaken on that. Apparently she just now got the HVAC bill, so that is why she just called me today, over 1 month later. I...
  22. Tcoulter

    Customer wants me to pay $65 because I apparently didn't put their furnace door completely back on.

    So I cleaned carpet and air ducts 1 month ago. Worked super super hard, gave them a killer deal because I took over my step-fathers company who passed away, and accidentally didn't even charge them for 1 trunk line because I wasn't sure of my step-dads pricing structure. So they got all ducts...
  23. Tcoulter

    How would you clean this office carpet?

    600 psi running a butler with devastator filter and water as hot as i can get it.
  24. Tcoulter

    How would you clean this office carpet?

    Whats a good olefin prespray? Ive got bio break, groutmaster, grease eraser. Might have some rsf spiked formula.
  25. Tcoulter

    How would you clean this office carpet?

    My brushpro is stuck in hawaii right now! ( had to sell and move back home because of death in family) But i just bought a 175 so maybe that will do the trick.