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    Phone etiquette on jobsite

    I guess it's always a judgement call, but as an owner/operator, If your phone rings when you are on the job (mostly residential) do you answer it. especially if the customer is within ear range.
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    Total Knee Replacement

    I was told by my doctor that I need total knee replacement (both knees) I'm 52 and they want to wait till i'm 55 and am getting shots and medication to help put it off, but one knee is really bothering me. I'm a owner/operator and really enjoy carpet cleaning "the best gig of my life" My...
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    Knee replacement

    Hi everyone, I'm a 51 yr old owner/operator that really enjoys my carpet cleaning gig. Doctor told me I will need total knee replacement surgery on both knees, He is giving me shots and says we will put it off as long as possible, possibly years. I was wondering If anybody here has had that...