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    Carpet cleaning Classifieds,Ebay & Craigslist steals & deals thread

    I have a Powermatic Legacy 2100 I would love to sell! New blower, new waste tank, and rebuilt motor. Ready to start cleaning. 517-278-8669
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    bonzer vs zipper vs cx15

    It’s very cool that Rotovac has a no obligation free trial on their equipment. I wanted to try the Zipper too but nobody let’s you try them. I’ve purchased the 360, 360i, 360XL, and the Sheer-Dry upholstery tool from Rotovac because they let me try before I buy. The only thing I’ve ever sent...
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    bonzer vs zipper vs cx15

    Spend the money on the 360XL. I have many commercial accounts and I did a side by side comparison between the Bonzer and the 360XL and sent the Bonzer back. I was hoping I could get the same quality only a little faster with the Bonzer so I could purchase it but it was not what I hoped for. I...
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    Rookie mistakes

    Pulling the vacuum hose across clean carpet or pulling it up the stairs when there’s no vacuum running through the hose. Dirty water runs onto the carpet. Checks must have the written total correct on the line bc the banks not concerned will the numbers in the box.
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    Rookie mistakes

    Groom the carpet BEFORE you take care of your equipment. You’ll find missed spots Don’t Shut off your truck mount then pull vac hoses up steps or across carpet.
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    Post #3

    there are my three post now i should be able to participate on the board
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    Post #2

    I guess I need 3 post before I can reply on other topics. this is post #2
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    nice to join a board again

    I was on a board about 14yrs ago or so and was active for about 5 yrs. I really enjoyed it especially since I had just started my cleaning business the year before. I learned sooo much at that time and was very thankful for all the information and help I received. I know there is still much...