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  1. Jc_Rug

    OFFICIAL Panther "How To" Thread, for the DIY Chemtex TM Owner Operator

    How do you add oil to the blower on a panther?
  2. Jc_Rug

    Chem-Tex problems

    I have a chemtex panther 25 dual heat exchangers and water if now flushing out of the hoses coming out the bottom of both sides and it started out of the blue, no water is coming from the exhaust pipe and prior water never come out of theese hoses mabye a little hear and there but not much on...
  3. Jc_Rug

    Advice on starting floor cleaning business

    Call me my name is Justin if I dont pick up leave a message ill get right back to you!
  4. Jc_Rug

    Yes im new to taking over my Grandfathers carpet business as a kid i helped him around the shop...

    Yes im new to taking over my Grandfathers carpet business as a kid i helped him around the shop as I got older it shrank due to his heath problems and so I worked at a reastraunt a few years then he passed away my dad took over to let it become a hobby on the side becasue plumbing is his...
  5. Jc_Rug

    How much can you clean in an hour?

    450 SQUARE FOOT PER 45 MIN. It should take a hour and a half to do 3 rooms roughly 15x15 standard size thats 150 sq foot per 15 min. Ending in 45 min to do 450 sq foot and 45 min from the time you pull up knock and then inspect the area before setting up and pre spraying then loading back up...
  6. Jc_Rug

    List your most effective advertising

    Angies list is great for us in the past but from a source Home Advisor just bought Angies list and reguardless what others say Home Advisor is great they hate refunding credits and unlike others you agree to pay they leads before they come in by setting a monthly budget on how much work they...
  7. Jc_Rug

    Need Professional Advice, Patricks Lancaster Carpet Cleaning

    So you will be using a 500psi portable to start out with along with everything else you mentioned ?
  8. Jc_Rug

    Removing sealer from grout?

    What if your trying to get grout sealer off of natural stone floor like marble or such ?
  9. Jc_Rug

    there's a "New Boss in Town"

    I agree with everything on this thread but the fact you judged what type of work someone does by the looks of their van... I have a older van than almost anyone in my area and I by far achieve the same results as anyone in the industry!
  10. Jc_Rug

    Chem-tex panther 20 water pressure problem

    I got it taken off and it's cleared out I have actually got it to work but it would only dump the water at the designated temperature when I would tap on the solenoid back there when it would get to that temperature so I'm thinking something is not right inside of there if it only works when I...
  11. Jc_Rug

    Chem-tex panther 20 water pressure problem

    Yes I have been being careful running it until I figure it out honestly I haven't even cleaned with it yet beacsue I'm scared to walk away from it until I can get the excess hot water to dump! I have talked with Mike and have cleaned out the water box jet and the solenoid right by the fuses 5...
  12. Jc_Rug

    Chem-tex panther 20 water pressure problem

    Sorry my spell check I was saying I didn't want it to over heat on the job
  13. Jc_Rug

    Chem-tex panther 20 water pressure problem

    As soon as I cleaned my water box filter screen and jet and the filer right behind the control panel were the fresh water come in my machine ran perfect before I did that it was clogged and started smoking white smoke and sizzling in the heat exchanger but today I cleaned it and it ran fine...
  14. Jc_Rug

    Chemtex Panther 30 Dema Valve Issues

    I bought a panther 25 and I used it for the first time yesterday after 5 minutes it got really hot and started smoking white smoke so I shut it off and heard some like bubbling sizzling sound inside the Heat exchangers that's when I realize the jet inside my water box was cloged so I cleaned it...
  15. Jc_Rug

    Chem-tex panther 20 water pressure problem

    If you could lead me to what the piece is I found as well as why my hot water don't drain into the waste tank? If if I could solve that I think I will be ok but any advise is much appreciated
  16. Jc_Rug

    Chem-tex panther 20 water pressure problem

    I found this piece laying in the bottom of my water box what do you think it is and a update I got my panther running good I cleaned out the jet in the water box and I cleaned the screen that came out right behind the control panel where the fresh water goes in they were both caked shut I put it...
  17. Jc_Rug

    Chem-tex panther 20 water pressure problem

    No water came out of the 2 hoses coming fro. The bottom of the heat exchangers is that good I have 2 holes drilled in v am so I had to get under the van to l9ok but I didn't see any water should I of ? Also I'm think9ng there is a clog in my system somewear not allowing it to come out what do...
  18. Jc_Rug

    Chem-tex panther 20 water pressure problem

    No fresh water tank sir It came with a long hose to hook up to the job the guy said he didn't like fresh tanks? Why I don't know but I'm new to truck mounts and need all the help I cam get! The screen where you hook up the water hose looked kind of dirty does that matter and the little...
  19. Jc_Rug

    Chem-tex panther 20 water pressure problem

    I actually was so flustered I couldn't tell you if it was coming out the exhaust it was quite the smoke coming out so I shut it off quit and backed up and with your machine if your not cleaning can you leave it running without the water getting to hot I just figured there would be thermostat...
  20. Jc_Rug

    Chem-tex panther 20 water pressure problem

    I need help guys my panther 25 I bought is not working properly. I was cleaning carpet on about 250 psi but it seemed to not be coming out at 250 so I go out and turn it up to 400 and the heat was only on 150 this whole time. I go back in to try the wand again and it still seemed like the jets...
  21. Jc_Rug

    FB For all the Prochem Legend owners, how many...

    I'm looking to buy a yellow servicemaster van with 177000 miles and a Prochem Legend Se truck mount with 1400 hours on it for 3500 dollars is that a good deal and do you think it was well maintained through service master or should I stay away it's not actually being bought through them but...
  22. Jc_Rug

    Booster box build

    I was wanting to buy/build a booster, do you like the mytee booster and does anyone else make one? I have a 3 stage vac motor on my portable so I'm needing one with just a single dual stage motor or cam I get I bigger one I was told you want the booster smaller than the vac motor in the unit...