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  1. Luky

    Rotovac Bonzer for sale -used

    Used less than 10 times. Asking $1000. Buyer is paying for shipping. Price for NZ, Australia and Europe is $700
  2. Luky

    Mystery dots

    It's not a contest, but I would appreciate if someone can point out what caused these " mystery dots " on fine, good quality leather office chairs and how to get them to disappear. I've tried thing or two ( actually 5) . I have my theory, but don't want to derail your opinion. Thanks in...
  3. Luky

    Handle& solution line SX-12

    Brand new handle and solution line for SX-12 tile&grout spinner. Asking $50 plus shipping. ( It should fit in the padded envelope)
  4. Luky

    Edic Endeavour , SX -15, SX - 15

    You might remember items for sale advertised by @NEO Cleaners . It was unfortunate turns of events which prompted him to try to sell his equipment. It was my pleasure to meet this young man and pay him more than he asked( not what he deserved). Now, with no pressure put on any of you...
  5. Luky

    $3500 economy package

    I've finally decided to part with my old setup. I'm located in Joliet, Illinois, so I would like to see someone coming with a trailer and take following items: Mytee Escape, 230V, quad motors with a 2-6.6" two stage Lambs ( not LX) with a finest upgrade kit @goomer . Escape and generator have...
  6. Luky

    Calling on VLM experts - damages

    I want to bring this topic for a discussion, because I know that VLM guys stand by their method. Within one week I had 2 different customers using , let's call it, company using dry method of carpet cleaning ( just trying to protect identity of company operating around 3000 franchises...
  7. Luky

    "Proper" way to clean carpets

    Cleaning enthusiasts have revealed a simple trick for getting a clean carpet - and all it involves is a 99p glass cleaner. Who knew that we don't be needing portables or TM's to clean carpets anymore. Sqeegees are alternative... Don't get too excited, initiative is coming from overseas, it'll...
  8. Luky

    110 gal fresh water tank

    Anyone in Chicagoland has a Pupmtec or Hydramaster fresh water tank for sale? Transfer pump isn't necessary. Wouldn't be a deal breaker. No leaks and functioning float is a must. Can trade 65 gal. Prochem( works better with a Ford vans) plus I'll pay a $300-$400 towards 110 gal( depending on...
  9. Luky

    TMF modified swivel wands

    Of course, I would like to order one of the " wonders" of the latest initiative of TMF, that is a swivel wand. I don't question price, colours, all I want to know how those wands perform under the load of intense use( about 15-20 K sqf of cgd weekly and some, not high end ,trashed residential...
  10. Luky

    2.5" vacuum hose

    Anybody in Chicago land area has a 2.5" vacuum hose for sale? Looking forward hearing good news.
  11. Luky

    Hot Rod Pro anyone ?

    Do you have a Hot rod sitting in the garage and want to sell it? Would appreciate fair price and quick response.