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    Von schrader machines

    I bought a carpet and upholstery machine in 1993. Used them till 1999. I am considering buying their upholstery machine again...did a very nice job. Not real jazzed about the floor machine on commercial carpet...had a problem with spitting extracted foam back out the exhaust port no matter...
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    Want to buy a used OP machine

    I appreciate hearing what you have to say. I pre-scrub with the 175 I have now. I want an OP machine to try some straight pad HWE. The more I investigate the more I like it. I don't want to spend the kind of money being asked for a new I would like to find a...
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    Want to buy a used OP machine

    I realize there are considerations such as wheels up or down, Challenger, Orbot or other model...but the answer is just a reasonably pricedone. Under $1,000.00. Thank you.
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    Want to buy a used OP machine

    I have read several posts suggesting used OP machines are available on Craigs List and other places, but I can't seem to find them. Anyone have one for sale or know who does? Thank you in advance.
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    Bane Clene won't work with rotovac?

    Thanks for the input. I contacted Bane Clene and they said it was to much restriction going from the 3/8 hose to 1/4 connection on the Rotovac. By the way it is the power wand. I called Rotovac and they told me I could modify the wand to a 3/8 quick connect and line with no worries. I will see!!!
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    Bane Clene won't work with rotovac?

    I just bought a rotovac wand (used) and it doesn't appear to be compatable with by Bane Clene. Althought the water in my solution tank is 170 degrees, it is cold coming out of the rotovac. From the rotovac wand back through the soltion line at least 30 feet it is cold. From that point on, back...
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    Is the recoil still for sale?
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    Various Items....

    Spitfire 3.2 How much for the Spitfire? Post some pic's or email them to me.
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    Paging Rob!!! Kirby ??

    Dirt cup I have a Kirby Diamond Edition. I want one also.
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    Hello Everyone ...

    Greeting to all I joined the forum a month or so ago, but have not taken the time to introduce myself. I started with a janitorial franchinse back in 1993 and used Von Schrader carpet equipment for my commercial accounts. I ventured out to residential for few years on a part time basis and...
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    Cimex CR-48 $1600

    Cimex Just my luck...thank you.
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    Cimex CR-48 $1600

    Cimex Is it still for sale?