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  1. Fedri

    Area rug buckled up

    It was 5 days ago that I have cleaned this, it is fully dry and it is synthetic. I used hwe black label and tmf acid rinse. How do i fix it?
  2. Fedri

    turbo seal

    Before I make a move buying this kit, I just wanted to check if anyone has used the turbo seal for the grout lines. I will only use them for shower places or some touch up for floor tiles to cover up some grout stains.
  3. Fedri

    Kitchen tile walls

    Lately, I am asked to clean the kitchen tiles for my realtor clients who are putting their homes for sale, and I am missing all that profit on the table. I have never cleaned the kitchen walls. Please share what tool I should use, what cleaner, and anything that I should watch out for. Do you...
  4. Fedri

    Fly catcher carpet cleaner

    I developed this skill when I have let in a fly that made the customer unhappy and I had to catch the damn fly and throw it out to make her happy
  5. Fedri

    My little giant was on fire today

    It was sooooo hot humid day and beginning of my last job the neighbor comes and tells us that there's a fire in my truck. I rushed down and turned off the propane and hosed it with water to put the fire off. I wonder if the weather got to do with this. I never had or heard any such issue for...
  6. Fedri

    Any one interested buying my used Trex

    I bought the T-Rex a year ago to use it on my banquet hall accounts. Lately I lost my banquet hall accounts, they don't want to pay 25 cents per sqft and they found other cheap companies. So I decided not to do anymore commercial. I have used this machine 12000 sqft and 1 residential. Fairly...
  7. Fedri


    Hi guys, I will start advertising on facebook, I wanted to make a video add for this reason. Which program do you use?
  8. Fedri

    Turboforce th40 12 vs Turboforce Hybrid12in

    I will buy a spinner and I heard great things about the turboforce, I found 2 used here locally, one says th40 12 inch and the other says hybrid. In the picture they look the same, I don't know much about spinners, what is the difference. th40 goes for 1599 canadian dollar and the hybrid goes...
  9. Fedri

    What cleaner to use for shower tiles?

    What is the best out there?
  10. Fedri

    My new Etm in a pro master

  11. Fedri

    Browning on wool wall to wall

    Hey Guys and gals. I have cleaned a basement wool carpet 2 days ago, all I have used was flex ice as a pre spray and flex ice to rinse. Today I get the call with these pics. Anyone what might of caused this browning, she hired some one back that he splashed and dashed and I did notice some light...
  12. Fedri

    The most thorough carpet cleaning

    I have lend my cfx to my friend who has a cleaning company and he hired these 2 guys a month ago who does everything from window cleaning to strip wax to carpet cleaning etc. I went to pick up the machine where they were almost finished with this condo building and I noticed the jets on the wand...
  13. Fedri

    Help on outdoor patio carpet

    Today I went to see the job and do a small test to have a feel of it. It is about 450 sqft, last year when the customer bought the house the carpet was clean and I guess the winter brought this dirt on it. I did clean a small area and there is a heavy build up, pre spray and extract won't work...
  14. Fedri

    Blue fairly new TMF wand for sale

    I bought the blue tmf wand not too long ago and used it not more than 5 times. It is a great wand very solid and looks like it will last for very long time, when I was buying it I thought I would be able to cut it and shorten it using the mytee wand coupler, however because the wand is coated in...
  15. Fedri

    I love this new Bonzer

    It became like a wand but it is a rolling wand. I have tried the one with dual handles and I can never get used to that type. This is something that I was waiting for. What do you guys think?
  16. Fedri

    Trashed rental poly used tmf bio pro 10k

    This customer called me last week and he thought the price was high. He calls a cheaper service and the guy shows up without a vacuum LOL, he called me again few days ago and asked me if I had a vacuum. I told him that pre vacuuming is the first step of carpet cleaning. The carpet was trashed...
  17. Fedri

    Brand new 3H 1300psi LG heater for sale

    I am selling my friend's heater. It was never opened from its box until I did to take pictures. He wants $1200 for it plus shipping and duty tax if there is any, I think they are about $1800. I am in Toronto and the closer you are the shipping will be less.
  18. Fedri

    Water otter regulator problem

    Hi guys and gals. I have 2 ottor, both regulators are not working. On one the pressure is not there and on the newer one (only 6 months old) there is a leak, the water is coming out of the small hole on the cap. I unscrewed them and they look normal to me, on one there is this thin greenish...
  19. Fedri

    New LX vac motor conversion kit

    Hi guys, before I begin, I want to make it clear that I am not comparing these new vac motors to the 8.4s or I am not making this as lx are better then 8.4s or disrespecting Ed Valentine's Jaguar. I have seen his machine in person and I think it is a great machine with high cfm and great solid...
  20. Fedri

    unusual situation I had

    A day before I have ran my pump with vinegar, I usually rinse the vinegar out of the line but for some reason some left in my line. At the first job the next day here I am ready to extract, I started right at the register area, the very first thing that came out of my wand is the last of the...
  21. Fedri

    Real nattuzi leather cat urinated what to use

    The cat urinated on the seat and according to the customer the urine have gone under the pad. The seats are attached to the sofa. She was given an enzyme treatment at the pet store but still it stinks. What is your experience? Is this pretty much done?
  22. Fedri

    Today I have visited Cross American

    I had the day off today and decided with my buddy to visit and check out the jaguar 8.4 so my buddy can buy a new machine. It was pleasure to meet Ed Valentine, such a great person, it was a joy to speak with you Ed thanks a lot for the great chat we had today. Some information about the jaguar...
  23. Fedri

    Knee dry test

    50ft of hose using my Trex jr, one slow wet pass and one slow dry pass. I got my mytee 1005dx running inside the house with dual 3 stage no booster. Dry time about 2-3 hours. I love my T-Rex jr, saves my back and gives me a great water recovery.
  24. Fedri

    This is what I will clean tomorrow

    A filthy rental, polyester carpet