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  1. carpetmaxllc

    Which ad do you like better?

    #2 I'd suggest to remove the 99% part
  2. carpetmaxllc

    Uptick homelessness in Va, sleeping on my shop grounds now

    Not sure if Biden will be a better president but Trump broke a few things that cannot be fixed
  3. carpetmaxllc

    Uptick homelessness in Va, sleeping on my shop grounds now

    Remember couple of days ago he gathered a press conference, talked about Dow hitting 30000 for about a minute and walked off?
  4. carpetmaxllc

    Uptick homelessness in Va, sleeping on my shop grounds now

    Got no idea who libs are and how much retarded they are... Also would you mind typing Jesus' name with capital letter and separating it from your profanity. Are you saying Trump, as a president, has no power or authority over some governors? However that's not the point. He is quick to take all...
  5. carpetmaxllc

    Uptick homelessness in Va, sleeping on my shop grounds now

    My suggestion is thank Trump, especially on a day like this, that's how great America looks like
  6. carpetmaxllc

    2020 Election Results Poll

    To let politics effect your personal life like that is beyond stupid
  7. carpetmaxllc

    Cleaning businesses Nov 4th-Jan 20th

    Worry not, boss man Everything will be ok
  8. carpetmaxllc

    Advice on why me new Bentley swivel is streaking?

    might be clogged holes on your glide or not enough suction or glide leaking suction best way to test is remove the glide, inspect inside the lip of your wand and try cleaning. hope this helps
  9. carpetmaxllc

    what do you REALLY BELIEVE ? ? ?

    we really believe this is a carpet cleaning forum
  10. carpetmaxllc

    Dry V Extraction Carpet Cleaning

    they prefer whoever not sneaky spammers like yourself btw you left out the link to your stinking website
  11. carpetmaxllc

    Hobbies Outside Of Our Businesses

    play soccer every Sunday night
  12. carpetmaxllc

    Water pressure knob

    look for it in the machine's manual, there will be a drawing of the part
  13. carpetmaxllc

    Hobbies Outside Of Our Businesses

    knife throwing, shooting, reading, cs:go
  14. carpetmaxllc

    Music to listen to while cleaning...

    what do you smoke, dude? I need some of that
  15. carpetmaxllc


    Very helpful and informative posts here. I just realized I never cared what another man wears Plus t-shirt is not a fight gear.
  16. carpetmaxllc

    All this mask crap is just like

    If you read other posts by the guy to whom I replied he uses the phrase "real man" and I was summing up his posts. Also real men are posting the same BS on different threads
  17. carpetmaxllc

    All this mask crap is just like

    Don't wear a mask and take it up the ass in prison like a real man
  18. carpetmaxllc

    How many clients asked you wear mask?

    If you wait until you are asked to wear a mask by now you live in a different reality
  19. carpetmaxllc


    Hitfilm express Free, easy to figure out
  20. carpetmaxllc

    Agitation the wait 20min to dwell?

    Makes perfect sense Let it sit first, then agitate.
  21. carpetmaxllc

    Yelp Review text link?

    Use url shortener I suggest the one by Google so that you can track clicks too Hope this helps
  22. carpetmaxllc

    The Second Virus Shockwave is hitting Chinas Factories already!

    Seems like each measure being taken is one step too late. If everybody stayed at home for 2 weeks it would at least separate the infected from from healthy. It would decrease the spread to near zero. But how can you enforce that? Fear of going broke is apparently bigger than....