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    Carpet cleaning company in Austin Minnesota

    Looking for a Carpet Cleaning company in Austin Minnesota. Property Management cleaning.
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    Deer Hunting

    Who’s Deer hunting?
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    Positive Covid Employee

    Just wondering what others are doing if an employee tests positive with covid with no symptoms do. This employee cleans after hours by Herself. Thanks for your input
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    WORX Pressure Sprayer

    I used this pressure sprayer to clean dirty grout lines in campground bathrooms. Try it It worked great
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    Please give me your recommendation for an all purpose cleaner for Janitorial cleaning

    There is so much to choose from. Any suggestions. Thanks in advance
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    Can you clean this?

    How bad does a soiled carpet have to be to tell customer you can’t clean it? I know my thoughts on this but curious what your thoughts are??????
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    How to replace the pressure regulator

    Anyone know how to replace the pressure regulator on a nautilus portable. Step by step it video even better
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    Cleaning tasks for corona virus office cleaning

    I have been getting emails from my customers about what we have been doing for sanitation. We have been adding touch points every time. Does someone have procedures list. Thank ahead of time
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    Merry Christmas

    A wonderful time of year to worship our Savior Jesus Christ. Enjoy family and friends. Give to others. Joy and Peace
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    Cleaning block retaining wall

    Mold and mildew retaining wall block. Suggestions on what chemical to use and procedures
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    CRB Brush’s

    I did a job yesterday and when I took my brushes off to clean them one brush was had a lot of long hair wrapped around it. Just wondering what others have done to clean brushes off
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    Bit the bullit

    Finally purchased a crb machine. It is worth it Works wonders on tile and grout and of course carpet. What have others found of value having a crb
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    Stripping LOTS of layers

    Any suggestions on how to strip lots of layers of wax off VCT. I just finished a job of 3000 square feet. Total of 44hrs Just wondering what others have done to remove wax
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    Salt residue on tile floors in commercial account

    What do you use in mop water to remove salt residue from ceramic floors in commercial account
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    Entry Rug Vacuuming

    So what kind of vacuum do you use to vacuum entry area rugs that might be wet from snow.
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    Puff back cleaning procedures

    Will be doing a furnace puff back cleaning soon. I have done this before but need a refresher on procedures mainly cleaning.
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    Preferred tool for scrubbing tile and grout

    I am hired to clean tile and grout in an auto dealership and will be using my 500 psi nautilus portable but just wondering what others use to scrub with
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    Prochem405 shut down after releaseing override switch

    I have a performer 405 which all of a sudden would not keep running after release of override. I checked the float switch and that is not the problem. Put in a new override switch and it starts but still shuts off when net go. Please give me some advice on what steps to take to fix this issue.
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    Cannot get high water pressure Performer 405

    I cannot get high enough water pressure. Water pressure will only build up to 300 to 400 psi. Can you give me any ideas what may be causing this. Thanks Mark
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    Pro Chem 405 Loss of water pressure

    The water box on the truckmount ran out of water twice today and the after the second time the water box ran out and lost water pressure. We fixed the problem for the water box but when we turned on truckmount and turned on water pressure switch we have no pressure. Any ideas where I could look.