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  1. epservices

    Motorscrubber Ms13

    Jon Don has a cordless scrubber that resembles the Oreck Has anyone here used it before?
  2. epservices


    If one has two separate vac boxes with two vacs in parallel, would you get the series effect if you join the exhaust of one to the intake of another? It does seem logical but was wondering what setback (cons) I would face Thanks for your response
  3. epservices


    Does the amp of the vac motor directly relates to its power when it comes to lift and cfm?
  4. epservices


    Why have they not made a wand that is capable of having two heads, one for tile and one for carpets? They would be just be inter changeable
  5. epservices

    Real world testing : HMMMNNNN.....

    Well am the kind of guy "who likes to make his eyes boil his peas" and who married a woman from "the Showme State" I purchased a the equipment needed for lift measurement and it arrived yesterday I then went to garage and started testing my equipment All the vac motors are lamb Ametek I...
  6. epservices


    Is the type of wand( size of nozzles, number of nozzles, and area of opening) dependent on flow, temp and pressure and cfm of machine or on the type of carpet cleaned?
  7. epservices


    Does anyone here know how many watts or amps it takes to run the burner on a Landa pressure washer? I know the generator is a 2000 watt generator, but how many of the 2000watts is needed?
  8. epservices


    Has any one tried the CX-15? If so how effective is it and does it save time when compared to using the wand? With the wand one can press down for added weight when recovering water, but can't with the cx15. So how dry is the carpet a pass from the cx15 and does it save time?
  9. epservices


    On my generator there is a 120volt which I use an adapter to plug in a vac motor Now there is another one that says120/240volts Is there an adapter I can use so I can plug in another vac
  10. epservices


    Why is navigation on the app different, than the website. The website seems easier to navigate,
  11. epservices


    I have been off of this for some time because I gave up my accounts. I have now received them back and want to upgrade my system. Are there any new and improved Vac Motors out there, bigger and more powerful that is still 120volts and around 13-14 amps????
  12. epservices

    lift and cfm on vac motors

    Is there a general formula to calculate lift and cfm from multiple motors, taking into account wether they are set up in series form or paralell form? We know that the more stages the less cfm and the more lift and vice versa.
  13. epservices

    Blower capabilities

    Am new in this business so maybe the answer is obvious , but alas not to me. I see that cfm and lift seem to be the most two important factors in carpet cleaning. We also know that the size of the hose and the length of the hose has a direct relationship to lift and cfm at the end of the wand...
  14. epservices

    boosting the portables

    instead of buying these little machines to use before the portable , why dont you jusyt increase the number and power of the motors? that route is much cheaper.
  15. epservices

    Hide A Hose

    I am new to carpet cleaning. I must ask this question." Why do I not see truck mount guys with hide a hose set ups?" To me it woyld be so much easier. There would be no scuffing, and you would only have to move one hose. If you are using a two inch ich hose I see no reason why we would not...