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    Carpet cleaning company in Austin Minnesota

    Looking for a Carpet Cleaning company in Austin Minnesota. Property Management cleaning.
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    Deer Hunting

    Who’s Deer hunting?
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    How'd you get started in cleaning industry?

    I got started by putting a small ad in the local paper to rake lawns in the fall of the year just to get some extra money. There was a customer that had us rake for her who owned a 4 plex rental and called one day to see if we would like to clean it after a renter moved out. Than she recommended...
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    Positive Covid Employee

    Just a follow up. If I have an employee who tests positive for covid they are required to quarantine for 14 days before coming back to work. And I’m sure others have had this happen
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    Positive Covid Employee

    Just wondering what others are doing if an employee tests positive with covid with no symptoms do. This employee cleans after hours by Herself. Thanks for your input
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    Nautilus extractor models

    I have had my nautilus for several years and just recently had to replace one of the vacuum motors. I was told that what happens is that if the waste water is sucked into the motor because you waited to long to dump lint will build up on impellers. In my situation the bearings went out. It’s a...
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    Nautilus extractor models

    If you do get the auto fill make sure you purchase faucet adapters so to can hook up to a bathroom or kitchen faucet. I would recommend getting the auto fill for sure.
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    Nautilus extractor models

    I have not any wire issues but I have had one vacuum overheat and shut off several times so now if it is in a confined area and warm I will aim a small fan toward it. The pump out will be checked on periodically to make sure it is working
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    Nautilus extractor models

    That is the model I have. Has an auto fill and an auto dump. The auto fill really comes in handy. I used to have a truck mount and sold that so because I do mainly commercial I purchased this. I wanted a very strong suction. Good choice.
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    Hobbies Outside Of Our Businesses

    I like to raise meat chickens and also enjoy doing the processing of them. Average weight of 8 pounds. Mmmmmmmmmm!
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    WORX Pressure Sprayer

    I used this pressure sprayer to clean dirty grout lines in campground bathrooms. Try it It worked great
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    Please give me your recommendation for an all purpose cleaner for Janitorial cleaning

    There is so much to choose from. Any suggestions. Thanks in advance
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    Nautilus MXE-500APF

    My nautilus has two fans One vacuum motor will still overheat if I don’t put an extra fan blowing on it
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    Can you clean this?

    How bad does a soiled carpet have to be to tell customer you can’t clean it? I know my thoughts on this but curious what your thoughts are??????
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    Nautilus MXE-500APF

    I own a nautilus MXE auto fill and auto pump out 500 psi. Have done a lot of carpets and it may take a little longer it has worked good and no big issues. The only issue I have had is one of the vacuum motors will shut off when it gets overheated. So I have a separate fan blow on machine when...
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    Auto fill/ auto pump out.

    Auto fill and auto pump out saves time on bigger jobs but you don’t need it on small couple area residential jobs.
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    How to replace the pressure regulator

    Anyone know how to replace the pressure regulator on a nautilus portable. Step by step it video even better
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    Household Cleaning Tips to Protect from Coronavirus: Feedback Welcome

    Very well done article. Yes this is a trying time and a time to do as Gods word says. To love our neighbors by helping them with like you just did without charge. Thanks
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    Cleaning tasks for corona virus office cleaning

    I have been getting emails from my customers about what we have been doing for sanitation. We have been adding touch points every time. Does someone have procedures list. Thank ahead of time
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    Servicing Banks

    Yes I do cleaning at a bank and a few of their branches. I believe banks look for a company that they can trust. If you are family run that can be a plus. Price wise I think you can be bid it but if you could get to know who the person in charge first and than feel out on pricing and don’t be...
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    Tile sealed 15 years ago...

    I always ask customer to point out a small area I can do a test cleaning and when I am done have customer look and decide if they want to proceed. It’s than in the customers lap for expectations
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    Merry Christmas

    A wonderful time of year to worship our Savior Jesus Christ. Enjoy family and friends. Give to others. Joy and Peace
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    Rust Remover - Iron Remover

    I use a product that is from ServiceMaster called Rust Remover. It is a jell. Smells like a beauty shop when someone is getting a perm. Not the best odor. When put on rust it turns purple in color. Works pretty good. Just takes a bit to rinse out
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    What can cause mysterious yellow stains on new carpet?

    Whenever you do your walk the with customer always point out spots and stains and ask what that might be. Than say you will try your best. DONT take ownership. And I can relate as others here how some customers try to blame.
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    Cleaning block retaining wall

    Thanks for your quick reply. Not painted block. I cleaned this last year but pressure washed. What is growing is mildew and licken. I just wondered about a solution I could apply and it would kill organic mater than if needed pressure wash